-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 23

Written by Lola Hikmat…

Stella took her time in explaining all that had happened to Femi, she couldn’t but bare her all to him… Femi paid so much attention to her ordeal, he pulled her closer to comfort her..

“Look Stella, things like these are bond to happen. You just need to get over it.”

“Do you care for a drink? ” he offered
” yes i don’t mind” stella responded.

Femi left for the kitchen and came back with two glasses of fruit drinks, he handed Stella one…

“have it and drink up” he said

“Thanks dear and thanks for listening to me”… She said
“So what do you plan on doing now?” femi asked
“well, i will stick to the initial plan, after the deal is done, i just would pay him off and move on with my life” she said feeling sleepy.

“Oh that’s cool.. You look tired, i doubt if you have been sleeping well ” femi said

” well i have oo.. I just need some rest” Stella said and doze off
She woke up to a strange environment and a strange bed. Then she remember coming to Femi’s house.

“What am I doing here” She thought.

She immediately got dressed and headed for the livingroom in search for Femi. She met him watching TV,immediately, he switched his attention to her

“How are you feeling now? ” he asked
“Better, but why did you take me to your room, you should have just woke me up”
“Figured you needed a good sleep”
“Did you take my clothes off too? ”
“I am sorry, i did, but trust me, I wasn’t looking, just wanted you to have a good rest”
Her Eyes went wide, She thought about it for a moment and decided he meant no harm since nothing happened between them.
“I need to be on my way”
“It is late”
“It is just 9:30″
“Why don’t you just pass the night here”
“No thanks, I need to be home” she said and headed for the door. When they got to her car she turned to him
“Thank you so much” she said hugging him
“What are friends for” he replied patting her back
He watched her drive off and then took his phone out
“It worked out as planned” He told the person on the other end and then made his way inside.

To Be Continued…

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