-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 22

Written by Lola Hikmat…

Stella felt her world crumbling before her eyes. She just wanted to file that divorce as soon as possible, only one thing keep stopping her, Her father. The poor man needed to stop getting worried and she knew that her divorce would get him all worried up. She looked up to God for divine wisdom.
She avoided Dare and Tiara as much as she could. How can she face him, she love him so much and can’t stand it anymore. She really needed a strong enduring spirit to endure Tiara’s presence.
She heard a knock on her door.
“Who is that” She called out
“What do you want”
“I need to speak to you, please, hear me out” he pleaded
“Come in”
He entered and immediately went to where she was sitting
“I am sorry, there is no explanation to justify what I have done I just need you to give me little time to sort this out”
“We had an agreement Dare, you could at least give me some respect” she said with tears rolling down her face

“Dear, there is no amount of words i can say right now to correct what had been done… It is the devil’s work”

“Shut the hell up Dare.. Just Shut up! Was I not there for you?… See just leave my alone and let me clear my head”

“OK dear, I will go, but just know that I am sorry” dare said and left the room..

Just as Dare left her room a Call entered…
“Hey What’s up Stella” Femi said

“Hello Femi, How are you”

“I am good o, you didn’t ask after me”

“See femi I am sorry”she responded

“What is wrong? You don’t sound good… Is everything OK? ”

” yes, everything is fine, thanks for the concern”

“See Stella, we are friends, you can tell me whatever is bothering you, a Problem Shared is Half solved”

“Hmmm Femi, how do we see? ”

” Let’s meet at my place by tomorrow” Femi said

“Femi, can’t we make it today? I feel like my head is going to burst any moment from now” Stella insisted

“Ah Ok Ok.. Come around, i am home” Femi said and hung up

She went into the bathroom immediately and had a fast shower, then she got set to Leave for Femi’s place. She wasn’t feeling too comfortable going but she just needed someone to talk to. Lola would have been the perfect comforter but she doesn’t want to discuss Dare with her so as to avoid the issue getting a lot messy.

She left the house without telling Dare her Whereabout, she just wanted to avoid him as much as possible.
Not long she got to Femi’s place, Femi ushered her in…

“Stella, Have your seat and explain everything to me” Femi Said

She burst into tears, She couldn’t control nor hold back the tears, she had been looking for a means to shed all the tears she had harbored. Femi sat by her comforting her…

“Easy Stella, easy, just calm down and talk to me, you know crying won’t solve anything. Just relax and talk to me” he patted her pulling her close to his chest.

To Be Continued…

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