-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 21

Written by Lola Hikmat…

The following day, Stella decided to be all about her business, when it was time to breakfast , she took her food to her room and ate in silent. Dare wasn’t cool with this arrangement, he made up his mind he was going to talk Tiara out again…

“Morning Tiara, how was your night? ”

” Fine Dear, and Yours? ”

” Fine… May i talk to you please? ”

” why not? …no wahala… Talk to me my husband” Tiara replied Smiling

“is She insane? Who is her husband? ” Dare thought but still went ahead with his words..

” see Tiara, i am not disputing the fact that you love me, i love you too. Infact what we shared was perfect but you know i am married”
He stopped for a while to while to see her reaction, when he noticed she was listening, he continued

“Tiara, Please let us abort this pregnancy, save me this shame and crisis” he pleaded..

“Jesus!!! Abort which baby!? “Tiara screamed
” Aaaah Dare i just know you are an heartless fellow You mean i should abort my first issue? What if this is going to be my only child? Dare why now, can’t you see we are meant for each other? Stella never loved you, she only wanted to use you to get her properties… Dare think about what we shared,think about the promises we made”

“Tiara, please stop this, let us abort this baby, i believe you will have another for your own husband”

“Out of my room, Dare i say Get out of my Room this Minute!!!” Tiara Screamed

“You are nothing but a bastard, so i should abort my baby because of that never do well lady? You must be insane” she yelled

The battle line is drawn… Tell her to get ready for me… I wil show her hell… Nonsense!!! She said and shut the door hard.

To Be Continued…

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