-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 20

Written by Lola Hikmat…

will i let Tiara destroy my marriage?” he thought

“yes i love Stella and i will stop at nothing in getting her back”

Dare decided to take Tiara to see a doctor who was going to help abort the pregnancy…

“Hey” he called at Tiara

Tiara pretended not to have heard him, she focused on the novel she was reading..

“Hey!!! Are you not the one i am talking to? ” he said loudly…

” Mr Man, What is it? Do you want to beat me up again? ” Tiara Said, almost screaming..

” Look, i am sorry i hit you the other time, but we pushed me to the wall, but still, i am sorry”

“mtchewww story for the gods, all i know is I am pregnant and you are the father!” she said without looking apologetic

“Tiara, see i am sorry for all that had happen between us.. It was all a mistake… I never knew it will turn out this way” he said looking all remorse.

“Dare Spare me Please! Stop pretending as if i force you into me, we wanted it, i gave in to you and here we are”

“But Tiara… I Cherish my marriage… I love my wife”

“oooooooh God… Dare i am so going to get mad at you, what do you take me for?… You are only Concerned about your marriage, what about my own feelings? ”

” Tiara you knew all these from the start, you know i was only trying to get at my wife, not for any other reason, you shouldn’t have let this happen… We had s*x just three times”
“Did you use protection those three times?” Tiara asked

“But.. But.. I thought you were going to be fine”

“Spare Me!!! Do i look like a s*x slave? A lady you can use to satisfy your urge then let go of? ” Tiara was Getting Angry.

Dare was so dumbfounded, he was almost losing it, he got stood up and left the room silently.

To Be Continued…

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