-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 17

Written by Lola Hikmat…

She came back from work very early the next day so as to have ample time to get dressed. She was dressing when Dare and Tiara returned. She just hope the lady won’t follow them. Trying to look simple and classy she opted for a black strapless gown and made sure her make up
was well done. When she was through she hurried downstairs and met Dare waiting. Talk about a fast dresser, he was looking so handsome her heart started racing fiercely. He turned and saw her.
Dare just kept staring at the figure of perfection he called his wife, how he hoped what they had was real, he would have been the best husband possible. He just didn’t know how to keep her in the marriage.
They were staring at each other when Tiara announced her presence
“I am here, sorry for keeping you waiting”
Dare felt he saw a pained expression on Stella, and immediately felt bad for letting Tiara tag along, but he was helpless since they were both invited.
The drive to the party would have been silent but for Tiara’s constant chatter.
Stella was becoming irritated by this Tiara girl can’t she learn to hold her mouth, must she chatter and follow her husband everywhere. Must she flaunt the fact that her husband wanted her over her. She was so caught up in her thought she didn’t know when they arrived at the party. Tiara immediately latched on to her husband’s arm .
“You wouldn’t mind if he shows me around and be my escort, you know most people here and this is my first time of attending such party” Tiara directed at Lola
“No problem”
Stella let them lead the way and followed silently behind. The party was well attended by people of high caliber. She decided to later stay alone after she managed to excuse herself from a group of high class ladies asking about her latest delivery and some fashion Tips. She sat and watch her husband and his friend in a circle talking .
She was getting bored when she felt a presence beside her.
“Hi ” he greeted her
“Can I sit with you”
“All this society events can be tiring”
“Very tiring”
“So what is a beautiful lady like you doing alone”
“I am not alone, my husband is there” She pointed out
“And left you on your on, no offense but if you were my lady, I wouldn’t try that” He said
She merely smiled .
“My manners, I am Femi”
The shook hands and got talking, she found him very interesting and he had a very good sense of humor.
Dare watched Stella with the stranger and could see she was happy talking with him. He wished he had an idea of what the are talking about that could lighten her up.
At the end if the event Stella bid her new friend goodbye but he insisted they exchange numbers. So after doing that she made her way to where her husband was
“Who was that” he inquired.
“Just a friend” She replied.
Dare watched her smile all through the journey back home.

To Be Continued…

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