-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 14

Written by Lola Hikmat…

Lola couldn’t understand why in the world Stella acted indifferent to the whole situation, no lady would ever try that with her man and go scout free. What she didn’t like is the fact that her brother is hurting her best friend , she really did not know what to do but she decided to make the house a little uncomfortable for Tiara.
At breakfast the following day she kept putting Tiara in check and made sure she minimized her flirting with her brother.
Stella silently watched the battle between her best friend and Tiara, she was enjoying the show.
Her mind went to the reason why she was doing this and remembered everything will be signed over to her tomorrow. After that she will think of what to do with her marriage of pretense. She suddenly felt nauseous and rushed to throw up, Lola immediately followed her to the restroom and held her hair up.
She felt sick and Lola immediately took care of her and prepared a cup of herbal tea for her. A little while later she was feeling a whole lot better. Dare kept checking on her in her room to check on her from time to time. At least he cared she thought.
The day passed without much fun she just kept gisting with her friend.

The following day she made a mental note of visiting the hospital once she is done signing the document at the lawyer’s office. Her father signed over her trust fund to her and was in possession of her inheritance. Immediately she was through she had lunch with her dad and the lawyer. She couldn’t go to the hospital that day but made a mental note to do so before going to work the next day.

To Be Continued…

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