-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 13

Written by Lola Hikmat…

Lola was shocked by the scene in front of her and watched for Stella’s reaction but Stella silently entered the kitchen. Lola woke her brother up angrily.
“Brother wake up”
“Lola how are you” He said sleepily, he immediately woke Tiara up from her sleep but Lola could swear that the lady was pretending to be sleeping.
“I am fine, I came to spend the weekend here and didn’t expect to be met with this scene” she said
“Hi Lola I am Tiara, I have heard a lot about you” Tiara cut in
“I am Lola and I don’t plan on hearing anything about you” she directed at her and stormed into the kitchen. She was surprised to see Stella already cooking, she didn’t know what to say
“Are you okay” she asked her
“Yes I am fine” she replied
“What was that about”
“what” she asked feigning ignorance
“Don’t play dumb with me” Lola told her
“They possibly slept off ” she merely pointed out
Lola kept staring at her as if she had lost it but decided not to talk about it anymore. At dinner she watched the way Tiara openly flirted with her brother in front of his wife.
“You know he is married right” she directed at her
“Excuse me”
“Quit flirting with him shamelessly”
Stella was surprised by Lola’s outburst and love the way Tiara face lost color, dinner became a silent affair afterwards.

To Be Continued…

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