-My Experience With Busayo (True Life Story)

Read Story: My Experience With Busayo (True Life Story)… Part 3

A Story written by Realtunez…

i couldnt ride my bicycle coz i was already shaking so i took a bike, i was getting closer to the park when i saw her text “i’m here already” i replied her with ease “am also close wait for me” As i was about paying the rider i could see her looking left and right then i texted her “am beside the milo billboard across” While she was coming i remmembered my mum’s warnings (Remmember the son of whom you are), the day i 1st met her, the day i woed her and that day she came to my house and i something in my mind said : T-boy lobatan oo (T-boy it has finished oo) then i said to myself “Man Up dude” i smiled as she came closer and i told her we should find somewhere to sit… Luckily for us we found a nice spot to sit beside a shopping complex Me: So how far?
Busayo: i am pregnant
Me: How do you know that’s true?
Busayo: Am not a baby now i haven’t seen my periods yet and my parents are about suspecting something is going on…
Me: it could just be that itz late and it will still come soon Busayo: Soon! After how many weeks
Me: Ok but have you gotten yourself a pregnancy test yet
Busayo: I dont need that to know that am pregnant… like i said earlier i ain’t a kid…
Me: It dosent matter i will get you one tomorrow come to my place around 11:00am and We go get it together
Busayo: No need for that i will get it myself
Me: Are you sure you will?
Busayo: I said i will (In an angry tone)
Me: Busayo see this is for the benefit of both of us i am not yet ready to be a father now You know i just finished my OND and i’m dont have a good job so pls bear with me
Busayo: So you’re telling me stylishly to terminate the pregnancy Me: Uhm… We aint sure yet if you are pregnant but thats what is good for both the Us and the Baby too…
Busayo: I’m sure am pregnant… i will get the pregnancy test you asked for tomorrow so you can see its true…
Me: Alright then till tomorrow
And she left but i still sat at that spot for about 7 more mins…
I got home around 8:48pm and as always i explaind everything to my friend and roommate FEMI, he sighed and sat on the bed, throughout that night our we were silent. Leta he fell asleep but as for me i couldnt i was busy think of many things:
if her pups should hear this am a gooner…
What if she is now truely pregnant my friend and every1 around will start calling me baba baby….

Another thought came if she is truely pregnant i go run commot; thank God nobody no my family house for hear… I then said to myself i cant kill myself joor i go run commot ni joor

To Be Continued…

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