-My Experience With Busayo (True Life Story)

Read Story: My Experience With Busayo (True Life Story)… Part 1

A Story written by Realtunez…

I was about leaving the bank when my phone started ringing i brought it out of my pocket and i was suprised to see Busayo calling me… I was like Kilofe bayi (What do she want now) Then i picked the call, hello!, o fe gbe call mi abi tayo? (you dont want to pick my call right?) No oh why wont i pick your call but can you please call me back in the next 20mins? why? because am on my way to your house right now she replied i was like O boi this one na gbese oh… am not at home right now but i’m on my way home… Then she said ok we will me at your house then bye and she ended the call, so many thoughts ran through my mind; she surely want to get laid, but what of the new girl living next to my house i just wooed… Then another thought came; call femi and tell him to help you go pick her at the bus-stop… Then i immediately dialed femi’s number and xplain the whole thing and he said No P then i connected my white follow come bb earpiece to my tecno c8 and mounted on my yellow bmx bicycle and rided home as fast as i could…..

On getting home i realized that femi has already tided up the whole room i was very happy, as i was about going into the kitchen to start preparing her indomie and egg i heard the door opened; Hello, i then went back to the room Smiling and embraced her with a hug but in my mind i was trying to remmember if i still have a pack of condom in my wallet? Sit down now abi u want to stand ni? I took a peek at her Bosom while sitting next to her then i asked ki lo fe je? (what would you like to eat?) [in my mind- even if na pounded yam you talk na indomie i get] she said not to bother i was happy but didnt show it and i ask her two times, she gave the same reply… Femi then said he is going to church for wednesday prayer meeting, i smiled sharp guy i thought he then left i moved towards the shelf to switch on the tv then she grabbed my hand saying “no need for that” i looked straight into her eyes and i can see that “Come and eat look” but i remmembered the lesson ife a friend of mine taught me… “dont rush into her wait till she desperately needs it” then i palmed, and asked her why ainted u in mummy’s shop?… So you’re not happy am here right.. Haha why wont i be happy, i’m very happy ure here dont be angry i asked.
She collected my phone and browsed through my gallery for some minutes the she said “the heat here is too much” i was like What!!! D fan is on now? She moved closer to me and kissed me we smooched 4 some minutes and then she got what she came for *wink*…

2hours After she was ready to go den i lead her out tru d back door to avoid Esther(The new chick living next to my house) from seeing her, i followed her to the bus-stop and she took a bike and left telling me to call her around 9:00pm… I headed back home and re-arranged the room, i was about sitting down when femi came in “Baddest” He shouted; keep it down jare i replied… I trust u t-boy u be badoo now abi u no collect point? Haha trust me now i did for sure bt make we forget dat one i dey hungary die i just thank God say she no chop the indomie whey dey house oh abeg help me cook am i no get strength again… Ok No p but you go gist me sha… He then entered into the kitchen to help me prepare the indomie……….

To Be Continued…

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