-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 9

A Story written by Afroditte…

Turning my head to the side, I watched as he massaged his hard girth with lube before holding on to my waist.

I felt his on my Buttocks hole and silently said a prayer that he wouldn’t rip my virgin hole apart with his huge

“Relax Tishé.” He said as he began guiding his di’ck into my Buttocks slowly.

I tried to relax, I thought of other things order than the discomfort I felt at him penetrating my a’ss but still I felt every inch of his pe.netration.

“Sweet mother of….. Goodness you are so Bleeping tight.., are you okay?” He asked.

“Yeah…” I managed, closing my eyes tightly.

The walls of my Buttocks expanded as he pushed his rooster into my hole. He didn’t go all the way, just about half way and then he paused for a while, allowing my Buttocks to get used to the intrusion.

“How do you feel?” He asked again.

“Different.” I said with a light chuckle. “It feels quite good though.”

“Okay.” He said as his hands tightened on my butt. Holding onto my cheeks as he pulled out slowly and thrust back in also slowly. “Touch yourself, Tish,” he reminded me, his voice a harsh whispered groan.

I did, rubbing my cl.itoris in circles as Richard bleeped my Buttocks slowly. I moaned as my p.u.ssy ached with intense pleasure.

“Your Buttocks feels so Bleeping good, Tish….so Bleeping sweet. It’s all I can do not to Bleep you hard.”

I moaned some more as my pu.ssy swelled and ached more, maybe fueled by his words.

I rubbed more insistently as I felt the pleasure building up in my

“Oooh….. My goodness, this feels sooo good.” I whispered to myself as my other hand squeezed one of my breasts and teased my Tip.

He seemed to suspect I was on the brink of cu.mming because he growled.
“Don’t you dare Pour now, not now when I’ve barely begun. I want to be in your when you come, so hold it back!”

It was an instruction, an order which I was to obey but I doubted I would be able to keep it as the pleasure in my Kittycat intensified.

“I… I doubt I…” I whispered as words left my brain.

“” He snapped, pulling out of my Buttocks not too slowly. He turned me over to my back, quickly wiped his with a wet wipe. Then he spread my thighs wide apart and rammed his big into my pu.ssy once again.

I screamed as he hit my cervix spot on, it was probably painful but for me, the pain was pleasure. I wanted it, anything now felt so good as I was on the brink of finding my release.

He thrust harder and harder into me, my overly wet pu.ssy making slapping sounds while my large breasts jiggled all over the place as he hit me with such fierce vigour and I screamed in ecstatic pleasure.

“Yes…yes…” I urged him on climbing higher and higher to my release, my hands over my head as I gave into his remorseless assault.

“You like this, don’t you?” He asked. “I’m Bleeping you so hard, you’ll be sore in the morning and every time you remember you’re sore, you’ll remember I fu.cked you that way….. You love this, don’t you? Bleeping say it, say you Bleeping love my ripping you apart.”

“Yes!” I found myself screaming, “Yes Rich, me hard… me like never before… ahh… yes!… rip my pu.ssy …rip me apart.”

“! If you keep that up, you are going to make me Bleeping come right now.” He groaned.

“Ahhh… Rich, I’s …” I became incoherent as the tight building up of pleasure finally burst forth and I began to jerk in uncontrollable abandon as I let the waves of the org.asm pass through me.

It felt so Bleeping wonderful. My pu.ssy, my nip.ples even my feet tingled pleasurably as I jerked and my pu.ssy convulsed spasmodically.

“” I heard Richard gasp just before the spasms racked through him also.
He groaned another harsh, “ fu…” As he gave into his own release.

To Be Continued…

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