-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 8

A Story written by Afroditte…

“You can stop now.” He said and I did. “I see you learnt the aim of this little exercise.”

Relieved, I had to ask “there was an aim?”

“Yes there was, actually.” He opened the drawer beside the bed and brought out a tube of lube and wet wipes. “The aim was to get you to tell me what you really want.
I’m not a brutal person Tishé, I want you to have some sort of trust in me and I want you to be able to speak to me truthfully without lies or deception. Do you understand?”

I nodded, so all he’d wanted all along was for me to tell him I couldn’t go on? Unbelievable!

“Good, now lie on your belly. Let’s prep your Buttocks.”

I looked from him to the lube, he meant to Bleep my Buttocks tonight?

“Trust me.” He said simply, catching the fear on my face.

I decided to. I did as he asked and lay down on my belly.

His hand caressed my plump butt cheeks briefly before spreading it apart to find my second hole that had never been pen.etrated.

His finger carefully rubbed lube over the hole, round and round and I clamped up although it did feel quite good.
“You’ve got to consciously relax your body, Tishé…. You can do this.” His voice was unusually soft, caressing and persuasive. I tried to relax.

“ I’m putting a finger into you now.” He said as finger penetrated me slowly and I tried to keep calm.

Slowly he slid his finger inside and around, rubbing lube in my Buttocks. At first it felt quite weird but as he went on and on massaging the hole, it began to feel quite pleasurable and my pu.ssy even throbbed and ached even more.

I moaned, feeling the urge to rub on my which I did.

“You like it, don’t you?” He asked lowly.

“Yes.” I whispered.

“ I’d not wanted to take your Buttocks tonight but you’ve got me so hard, I fear I can’t hold back but I will only do this with your permission and I will be very slow.”

“Are you sure I can take all of you?”

“ Yes Tish, I’m quite sure you can but I won’t be putting all of me in you just yet.”

“Alright then…. Please my Buttocks.”

As soon as I said it, he took off the robe and was Unclad again.

His held me by my waist, caressing my skin. “Remember to relax, okay? Bend your knees and raise your pretty Buttocks up for me, will you?”

I did as he asked, then his fingers slid into me, this time, one in my Buttocks and two in my pu.ssy. he massaged both with more lube.

I moaned at the pleasure, getting lost in it until I felt the tip of his prodding my pu.ssy.

Finally, I would have a feel of his huge in my pu.ssy for the first time.

He didn’t give me much warning as he drove into my wet and dripping pu.ssy in one move, I gasped.

He didn’t slow down and I realised he loved to hit hard. He drove into me with deep, fast and hard thrusts that sent me jerking forward while his thumb kept massaging my Buttocks.

My pu.ssy walls expanded with every thrust and I felt him deep inside me, hitting me with so much force, it released intense bursts of pleasure in me.

“You’ve got a great p.u.ssy, Tish….. But now it’s your Buttocks I really want to feel.” He said withdrawing from me and I wished he didn’t. I had been enjoying his thrusts immensely but I couldn’t complain.

To Be Continued…

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