-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 6

A Story written by Afroditte…

When he came out, now putting on a white bathrobe, I was still standing where he’d told me, for fear that if I moved an inch, he would go throw another furious tantrum.

He stopped on seeing me, frowning. “You’re still standing?”

“Yes, I umm…I wasn’t sure what else you wanted me to do.” I replied. Thinking how handsome he looked slightly damp.

He smiled suddenly, quite unexpected as it seemed he rarely found humour in anything. “Very good, you’re a quick learner, it seems….I…would like you to take a shower and then join me for dinner. Is there anything you would like me to order for you?”

“Whatever you order would be fine, Sir- umm Richard.” I said wanting to let him know I didn’t do anal but decided we can talk about it over dinner. He had given me an instruction now and I would follow it.

But would it be a deal breaker, if I didn’t do it? I thought as I stepped into the shower stall. I had never tried it before but some of the girls who did had said it was quite pleasurable although most disagreed.

I wasn’t too sure about it as I couldn’t imagine a as huge as Richard’s going up my Buttocks. I doubted that would be very pleasurable but I really wanted to remain his exclusive….

Twenty minutes later, I was done and refreshed. Drying myself off, I parked my flowing weave in a bun on top my head and put on the soft terry cloth bathrobe hanging in the bathroom.

When I stepped out of the bathroom I saw the tray laden with an assortment of dishes on the centre table and thought how fast that had been.

Richard was at the bar, pouring out two glasses of champagne, he looked up at me when I came in, he was still in his robe.

“Tishé….” He said, raising a glass in a gesture that I come over and have it.

I went over and collected the glass, taking a huge gulp from it as I was quite thirsty.

“Please help yourself to anything you like.” He offered and I nodded, walking toward where the meal was laid. I sat down on the Sofa quite at a loss for which dish to try.

“Umm Richard, can I ask something?” I said looking back at him.

“Yeah?” he called not looking at me.

“Would…. it be a deal breaker if I didn’t do a.nal?” I asked the question that had been bothering me for a while now.

He turned to look at me,a perplexed expression on his face. “You don’t? ……Seriously?”

I shrugged.

“Why?” I had his full attention now.

“I.. I don’t know if I’ll like it or if it’s even safe.” I said.

He smiled. “Have you tried it to know if you would like it or not?”

“Umm… nope.”

He sighed. “Have you ever been asked to try it?”

I shook my head realising I’d never even had the opportunity of being asked. Most clients were old men who barely lasted two minutes during s*x. Most of them were satisfied after a blow. job and couldn’t get it up anymore after one session.

The madam had also known I wasn’t too experimental and she had scheduled my clients to be a certain type of men who weren’t tasking.

As for boyfriends, they were all traditional guys and had never cared to go through my backdoor.

“Okay… Here’s the thing.” He began, picking up the bottle of champagne, his glass cup and walking over to where I sat down on the sofa.

He sat down beside me, so close that our thighs touched, refilling my glass as he spoke “I told you earlier that I am a man with demands … I could get weird and need you to try something that would push your boundaries…. Something totally different to what you are used to and out of your comfort zone.”

I must have looked quite scared because he chuckled. It was the first I’d seen since we’d met, it transformed his features, making him look quite ….likeable.

“You’re not going to die, I assure you. You’ll be very safe but I might need you to do some things which at first you might not be comfortable with but I can assure, you will enjoy in the end, if you just keep an open mind…..I guess the question I should ask is, are you willing to keep an open mind, Tishé? Are you willing to try out new things and give yourself over to the pleasures you will enjoy?”

I thought about it all for a moment. He made it all sound so enticing that I was tempted to say yes. He made it seem like it was all for my pleasure when it was really for his.

What did I care anyway? It wasn’t like I was going to die like he had said, so what was I worried about? I had so much to gain from this, Fashion school wouldn’t pay its own fees after all and I had family depending on the money I made.

I was about to speak and I looked up at him to see he was watching me,probably had been all through the time I’d been thinking through it all.

“You don’t have to give me a reply just yet… think about it all for a while….here..” He handed me a dish, “please eat something…. Trust me you are going to need all the strength you can muster tonight.”

I glanced at the food and decided on pasta and Chicken. I was a light eater as most of the weight I gained seemed to converge in my hips.

I helped myself to the meal, asking Richard, “will B.D.SM be involved?”

He nodded, he was still seated so close to me, the side of our thighs rubbing against each other.
“Most likely but nothing serious. I’m not a dominant or anything but I could use restraints on you sometimes ….like I said, I will push you beyond your boundaries but it’s all for you S#xual fulfilment.”

“Or yours,” I sneered before I could stop myself, stealing a glance at him and hoping he didn’t get angry.

“Or mine, you’re right.” He said and I was surprised he wasn’t mad at my attempt at being cheeky “I am paying you to give me pleasure after all, am I not? Now eat, I need to make some calls and do some work.”

Taking a forkful of pasta, I watched him heap his plate with grilled steak and vegetables before getting up and moving to the bar where he had set up his laptop

I pondered over all he had said. It all sounded more than I was used to but he had said I would be safe…and I would even enjoy it.

For me, I needed the money badly and he would be paying a nice sum for my services. I would be foolish to let this go. My friend Vivian, from the agency would never let me hear the last of it if I messed this opportunity up.

A lot of girls would do anything to be an exclusive, I wasn’t even supposed to be here. If he had not specifically requested for me, I would still be f.u.cking those old men who didn’t pay enough to cover the cost of my school fees and materials for a term.

The madam hadn’t showed me what I would be earning if Richard decided to stick with me but I knew it would be considerably large. Gene drove a nice car, and lived in a nice apartment so I had an idea what I would enjoy.

I had to do anything to keep this job, even a.nal.

To Be Continued…

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