-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 46

A Story written by Afroditte…

Supporting my hands on his chest, I moved my hips up and down, bouncing, my round Buttocks hitting the base of his hard shaft, making slapping sounds. I knew what this would do to him. I wasn’t the only one who could come hard.

“Oh fúck me….yes… fúck that Díck, Tishé! Oh…yes..”

Rich groaned.

His hands tightened on my waist and i knew his release was near. His hands on my waist assisted me as he pushed me down harder, thrusting his own hips up, so that his Díck hit deep into my Kittycat.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Rich!” I cried.

“Fúck, Fúck, Fúck…” he returned till I felt him burst and release himself into me. “Oh…… fúuuuuck!

I kept up grinding against him as his orgasm faded.

He pulled me back to himself and turned over, making us both lie side by side, my back to his chest, his Díck still entrapped in my cúnt.

“Fúck Tishé. Who the fúck thought you how to move like that?” He said raggedly into my ear and I giggled. “That was Bleeping awesome, Tishé seriously…. The way you make me cúm is inexplicable ….just the sight of your Buttocks bouncing on my Díck is enough to make me lose it.
What the fúck are you doing to me?” He asked.

“Bleeping you.” I replied and he chuckled, pulling me closer to him. He nibbled the curve of my neck as he threw a hard leg over mine.

“The things you do to me …… I’d meant to head home alone but fúck it, I’m taking you with me and we’re going to fúck some more when we get there.”

“Wake up, sleepy head.”

I opened my eyes to the sweet sight of breakfast, lying in a tray beside the bed.

Rich sat at the edge of the bed, beside me. “You alright?” He asked and I smiled.

“Yes,” I replied. “Considering I barely got much sleep last night.

Rich had been in the mood to fúck and had woken me up quite a few times in the night to do just that. It had been a sweet, intense experience as he got me to cúm every time, screaming, jerking and holding on to him, before finding his own release but too much of a good thing had its consequences.

Now, all I wanted to do was lie in bed all day, worn and tired, I needed to rest my used muscles.

“Well, you have a busy day ahead of you, so I suggest you get out of bed.” He said as he got up.

I frowned, noticing for the first time that he was fully dressed in a maroon Polo shirt neatly tucked into black pants and a pair of black lace up canvas shoes.

“You’re going out?” I asked getting up, covering my Unclad breasts with the sheets.

“Yeah, I have to meet some people… you have a meeting with Ivy by 11am, Joe will drop you. It’s almost ten thirty am, you should get to it.”

I frowned, really confused. “Meeting with Ivy?”

“Yeah….oh! Shoot, I forgot to tell you….She found this….” He walked over to the coffee table and picked up my sketch folder. “You left this in my office yesterday. She looked through and was impressed with your drawing. She wants you to design her gown for the Nigerian Achievers Award.”

My eyes widened as I heard the news and for a second I thought I was probably still dreaming. The NAA was one of the highest awards in the country. If she wore my design to it, It would be instant recognition for me and I would be one of the most sought after designers in the country.

But I was only a student, I couldn’t compete with top designers from all over the world, I hadn’t even graduated.

“Richie, I… I…I..” I stammered as I wasn’t sure how to explain the millions of thoughts in my head.

To Be Continued…

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