-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 45

Written by Afroditte…

Adjusting my position, i leaned back, placing my hands on his thighs, riding him forward and backward. The base of his Díck stimulating my Clít some more.

I moaned revelling in the pleasure gathered in my pússy.
His hands had moved to my waist and he began gyrating his hips to my own motions, following my tempo.
Peasure quickened even more in my core and I knew I would be coming again real soon.

“That’s right, Tishé, fúck me till it cums…. Slowly…yeah..yeah…” he urged in a raspy whisper.

Knowing i needed more of him, I leaned backward more, planting my feet on the bed. My fingers found my pleasure spot and I rubbed on it simultaneously as I rode his cóck.

“Oh yeah…..” I breathed.

“Yeah…. Look at me Tishé….” He urged.

I did, my lower lip clamped between my teeth. He could see the need on my features because he bent his knees slightly and holding on to my waist, he began thrusting into me. Short, deep thrusts that hit me at the right spot while I fingered myself.

“Oh fúck, Rich. You are going to make me cúm hard”

“What other way is there?” He asked as he thrust.

“Oh fúck.” I muttered as release finally came.

I jerked as my pússy was wrecked in the familiar feeling of spasms while Rich kept thrusting into me.

It was awesome.

Suddenly Rich got up grabbing me to him, pressing my body to his. “Now that you’ve had your fun,can you fúck me real good?”

I smiled, I had a special treat for him.

Turning around, his Díck never leaving my pússy, I resumed the position Fanny had been earlier.

My feet on the bed, I began to fúck him. Hard.

To Be Continued…

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