-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 41

Written by Afroditte…

I closed my eyes with a groan, I couldn’t watch anymore but I couldn’t shut Fanny’s moans out. Gosh this was punishment.

My eyelids flew back open as it instantly occurred to me. This was punishment., he was doing this on purpose. He wanted me turned on without any form of release.

I turned to Rich again and he was still engrossed in the show. My eyes dropped to the crotch of his pants wondering how he could hold himself back just to punish me.

He spoke up suddenly at the two in bed.

“Fúck him, Fanny.” He said. “Bleep him reverse cowgirl.”

Guy X reached for a pack of condom and gave it to Fantasia who tore it and rolled it over his cóck.

I began wondering what he would do if I defied him.what would he do if I began handling myself? Goodness knew I really wanted to.

Fantasia positioned herself over Guy X. Her face was to us and she flashed me a smile. She was really enjoying this.

She guided his Díck into her pússy moaning as she did and I rolled my eyes. She knew I was in discomfort where I was.

“Grind, Fanny.” Rich said

She did. Bracing her hands back, on X’s chest for support, she began moving her hips in forward and back motions, taking all his six inch Díck in her pússy,moaning as she rubbed her crotch against his.

“Finger her Clít.” Rich instructed Guy X.

Oh my goodness, I thought, my pússy had tightened even more as I watched this. I just might cúm without even touching myself.

Guy X’s hand found Fanny’s pússy and his index finger began flicking over her Clít and Fanny turned her head from side to side, moaning louder now, enjoying the pleasure.

Shifting uncomfortably, I turned to Rich.

“Rich, please.” I begged again but he paid me no heed.

He just ignored me.

Suddenly, I wasn’t sure what Spirit possessed me but I decided I wasn’t going to die from unfulfilled pleasure.

Pulling the short silk gown over my head, I saw Rich turn to regard me.

“What the fúck do you think you’re doing?” He asked and now it was my turn to ignore him.

I pulled away him his arm that had been draped around me.

Now fully nakéd, I found the throbbing shaft of my Clít. My finger closed over it and it felt Bleeping wonderful.

My eyes held Fanny’s as I began to finger myself. My finger flicking sharply over my Clít and sending sharp bursts of pleasure through my core.

“Oh yeah!” I muttered watching as Fanny smiled in admiration. She wanted me. It was there in her eyes. She was being bleeped by someone but the bítch wanted me still. Greedy whóre!

“Ah!” I moaned as my other hand squeezed one of my plump breasts hard.

“Fúck her…” I found myself saying. “Fúck her hard.”

Fanny’s eyes darted uncertainly to Rich.

I had forgotten about him for a moment, I didn’t care about him. I just wanted to get off.

“I said fúck her hard, dammit!”

Guy X heard me and complied. Holding her small waist firmly. He lifted her up and began thrusting into her hard and deep.

Fanny screamed and i felt myself getting there as I continued rubbing over my Clít fast.

“Yes… yes..Fúck her hard!” I said imagining I was the one being forcefully banged.

The sharp sweet feeling in my crotch intensified to its climax before bursting forward in spasms of sweet pleasure.

“oooh…fúuuuuck,” I cried as I rode the waves alone. “oooh fúck, fúck, fúck!”

My eyes were closed and I was oblivious to my surroundings for a few minutes.

Rich’s bark brought me down to earth.

“Get out! Now!” He said sharply in that tone of voice that I knew meant he was royally pissed but somehow,I didn’t care.

To Be Continued…

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