-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 40

Written by Afroditte…

Oh goodness, this was sweet torture, I thought as I watched fantasia and guy X in bed. He hadn’t said his name, so I’d assigned X to him.

The things he did to her, the way he touched her, his hands exploring her whole body, it was fascinating. Fascinating because these were two strangers, two whóres hired to tease themselves and they did it so well, not minding that Richie and I were watching.

I didn’t know about Rich but I was Hot as fúck as I watched. I was so hórny that my pússy felt hot, ached and had gotten slicky wet. So wet, I desperately wanted to touch myself as I watched the live Pórn show going on. The sweet ache in my pússy was unbearable.

I glanced over at Rich, who was calmly watching them while absentmindedly his hand caressed my Bosom. He just watched as if the scene playing in front of him wasn’t doing anything to him and I wondered how he did that.

How did he get himself so detached from a scene like this? I was in serious need of release and he watched them like he was watching a sports game.

He glanced at me and met my gaze as I stared at him.

“Enjoying the show?” He asked.

I just nodded silently even though I wanted to tell him more… I wasn’t sure about talking since I didn’t want to make demands of him. He was the boss after all,and I was meant to do what he wanted and not the other way around but this feeling in my pússy needed to be taken care of.

“Rich…” I called and he turned to me. “Can I…. Can I touch myself?”

His lip quirked in a smile before he replied. “No dear, you’re not allowed to do that just yet.”

“Rich….please, I need to do something, this is torture,I’m…..”

“Shhhh, you’re making me miss the show. Just enjoy it,no touching anything.” He said with finality.

Goodness! I turned to see the guy X’s lips suckling on Fanny’s nípple as his finger worked her pússy slowly while she writhed in pleasure and I moaned. It almost felt like his hand was working my pússy and Fanny’s moans of pleasure was not helping.

My eyes zoned in on Guy X’s rooster. About six inches and so stiff, it jutted forward and I imagined being bleeped by Guy X’s thick and stiff díck.

As I stared at his erect cóck, I imagined being fúcked so hard, I begged for mercy.

To Be Continued…

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