-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 4

A Story written by Afroditte…

His eyes flashed fire as he spoke and I had a sinking feeling I wouldn’t be getting the position as his exclusive. I’d pissed him off quite badly.

“And what is this you are putting on?” He asked with an irritated expression. “You think this is s*xy** or what?”

He hooked a hand into a hole in the fishnet body suit that clung to my body like a second skin.

And then the next thing he did stunned me. Hooking both hands into the fragile net fabric , he ripped it apart from neckline to crotch.

“I said na.ked!” He spat, taking his hands off me and walking to the bar.

I had never been so humiliated in my life. I felt the tears burn behind my eyes but knew I couldn’t let him see my tears.

“Get your Buttocks into bed now, will you?” He called and I jumped to it, letting the ruined lingerie drop to my feet.

My arms reflexively went over my full dropping breasts, managing what little cover I could as I climbed into the bed, na.ked.

This was what I wanted, wasn’t it? I wanted to be an exclusive after all.

Richard helped himself to a clear drink from the bar which I guessed was Vodka. He took of his jacket and loosened the top three buttons on his shirt.

“Tishe… I will say this again for the last time, when I give and instruction, I expect it to be followed. Do you get it?”

“Yes Sir…” I muttered.

“What?” He barked and I jumped.

“Yes Richard.” I corrected quickly.

He shook his head. “Are you going to be difficult, Tishe? If you are, please get your things together and leave cos I’ve got no patience for unintelligent females.”

“No… No, I won’t be difficult.” I replied.

“I hope so.” He said giving me a demeaning look like he didn’t believe it. He took a quick sip of his drink before going on.”Anyway if you fail to impress me tonight, I’ll send you back so that’s not a problem.”

He was now standing by the foot of the bed, his drink in hand and shirt half unbuttoned. “Take the sheets off you and let me take a good look at your beautiful body.”

I complied, silently doing as he asked.

“Sit up with your back against the head board.”

I did as he asked.

“Spread your legs open.” He said quietly.

I did without batting an eyelid still hoping to impress. My feet on the bed, I spread my legs out.

“Wider.” He said and I spread my legs out for him wider, showing myself to him.

“Perfect.” He smiled, his dark hooded gaze staring my pu.ssy.

He walked over to sit on the bed, in front of me.

“ Tishe…” his voice trailed as he looked me in the eye now. He seemed to have forgotten I had told him my name was Tish and he dared accuse me of being unintelligent.

His drink was in his left hand while his right hand found my pu.ssy. He spread its lips apart as his fingers gently rubbed over my cli.toris.

I closed my eyes taking in the bursts of pleasure I felt.

“I am a hard man to satisfy but if you keep to my instructions then you will do very well. Also I don’t appreciate you keeping any other male s*x partners if you are chosen as My exclusive. Is that clear?

You will have s*x with no one else but me. If you wish to begin a s*x.ual relationship aside what we have, kindly let me know about it and then we will break our agreement.

Lastly, don’t you ever dare to lie to me about anything at all.” He said still rubbing at my sensitive bud gently. “Is this understood?”

I managed a small nod.

“Great.” He said, taking off his hand from my pu.ssy as he got up from the bed.

Setting his almost empty glass of Vodka on the bedside table he continued with unbuttoning his shirt.

“You are a very beautiful girl and I can give you more than your heart’s desires but you have got to please me immensely.”

The way he said it sounded like an apology to me. I know men like him didn’t need to apologise but some how I felt he knew he had hurt me with his words and felt a need to apologise indirectly.

I nodded before he spoke up again.

“Now get over here, get on your knees and take my in your mouth.”

To Be Continued…

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