-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 38

Written by Afroditte…

I turned to look at Fantasia, the bítch. Did she really have to tell Rich? Why hadn’t she just worked with whatever I gave her? But even though she’d had ulterior motives for telling Rich, she had done me a favour. I wouldn’t have been comfortable with her.

“Such a waste.” She said eyeing my body. “I would have enjoyed you immensely.”

“Alright,” Rich said dropping his call and turning to us. “One of the guys will be here soon.”

I walked over to Rich, “What’s happening? What’s the guy supposed to do? You want some random guy to fúck me or what?”

“Not you… her. You’re my exclusive. I can handle you fooling with a girl but not any other guy besides me.” He told me and I saw the message in his eyes.

He was warning me again and I wondered why. I knew the terms of our contract. I didn’t plan to fúck any other guy aside from him.

He left me and walked to the mini bar where he poured himself a shot of vodka, downing it all in a gulp.

“Would you like a drink, Fanny?” He asked ignoring my presence. He was still giving me attitude.

“Sure.” She replied, a very bright smile on her face.

She was now sitting in the middle of the bed, her legs spread open, exposing her midriff and G-string covered crotch for Ritchie’s pleasure.

I rolled my eyes at her obvious ploy.

He took a glass to her and she accepted it.

I sat on the couch in the room, consciously spreading my own legs open and giving a full view of my pússy.

Ritchie turned, a smile of approval crept up his face when he saw my position. I smiled back at him invitingly, lowering my lashes in a fake expression of shyness, as if I couldn’t meet his gaze.

He came over, knelt between my legs and pulled me forward by the hips. Then lowered his head to place slow kisses on my crotch.

To Be Continued…

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