-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 36

Written by Afroditte…

“Go to hell, Tony.” I told him. “Go to hell and go screw yourself there.”

“You don’t understand, do you?… Tishé, what if I told you to meet me wherever I am or your pics would be uploaded this instant? What would you do? Would you call my bluff?”

I began to panic. “But I’ve paid you already, why would you do that? “

“You don’t understand that money is nothing. As long as I have leverage over you, I could tell you to jump off a ckiff and you would do it.”

“You bastard. You are enjoying torturing me like this, aren’t you?”

“Yes I am. So are you coming over or what?” He asked

I frowned. “Coming over?”

“Yes, meet me at Crystal lounge.”


“No, next year- of course now!”

“I have to meet Rich at 8 PM. And it’s almost 7 already. His driver will be here soon.”

“It’s enough time to have a quickie here, in the toilet and then you can get back to where ever you stay.” He said.

“You don’t understand, I have to have a bath, get dressed and all….”

“Get ready, get here and then you can meet him after we hook up.”

“Tony, do you understand that this is the man paying me so I can meet your outrageous demands. If I’m late, he will be mad and I don’t want to get him pissed this evening. Besides, I can’t fúck you while I’m with him. It’s a contract thing, please…” I begged even though it killed me to beg the monster. “Please, just try to understand.”

“You are seriously walking a thin line,Tishé. A very thin line.” He said before hanging up.

“Hello?” I asked not believing he had hung up just like that. “Hello?”

What did he mean by I was walking a thin line? Did he mean he was going to post the pictures or not?

I redialled his number but it was now unreachable. I began to panic, was he indeed going to post my pictures online?

I made a decision quick. I would get ready and get down to Krystal lounge. I knew I would be late to meet with Rich but I had to do this.

I ended up being late to meet Rich and he’d been pissed.

I had thought we would be having tonight’s session at his home but I’d been wrong. He’d meant for me to meet him at his home before we left for the gentleman’s club. The same one that Anthony worked.

I had kept Joe waiting for close to thirty minutes at my place while I’d gone on a fool’s errand. Tony hadn’t been at the place and when he’d finally answered his phone, he’d laughed in my face saying he’d never told me he was at the lounge.

I’d seriously wished there and then that I could bash his face in through the phone. He’d made me waste time going to look for him, making me run late for my rendezvous with Rich.

I’d had to call Joe to meet me at the lounge as I would be wasting time going back to my house to join him.

He’d taken me to the club directly, saying Rich was there already. Since I was over an hour late and he couldn’t lose the reservations he’d made, he’d gone himself.

I had apologised to Richard for my lateness but that hadn’t stopped him from being moody and pissed. He wasn’t yelling at me at least, I was thankful for that. He seemed to be trying to keep his temper in check, I hope he succeeded.

I was a little apprehensive that we were here again, where Anthony worked but this time Rich had secured a private suite where he’d kept me waiting for the past thirty minutes while he was out doing whatever.

Was he really doing something out there or was he avoiding me, I wondered. I’d had three glasses of wine while waiting for him and eaten a little from the finger snacks that had was laid on the table and now, I wanted to do something. This waiting was just boring.

I was lying on the huge bed wearing a new lingerie Ritchie had shoved into my hands with instructions to wear it alone. I’d opened the box he’d handed to me, to see a white silk one piece with thin straps. It barely dropped below my hips and the low neckline had my full breasts almost spilling over it.

It was very comfortable and the smooth silk felt good against my skin. Evenbif he hadn’t said it, something told me this was his welcome back gift to me.

To Be Continued…

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