-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 35

Written by Afroditte…

I was pissed as hell. It had been a real shitty day and I was just so frigging pissed as I had just made the transfer to Anthony and I almost couldn’t believe I was paying him a whooping two hundred thousand naira for nothing.

Well, it wasn’t exactly for nothing as my reputation was at stake here. I had no choice but to meet his demand.

My phone rang, I checked the screen and saw that it was Anthony. What was he calling for?

“What?” I spat as I picked the call. “Didn’t you receive your money?”

“Tishé sweet…. no need to be so hostile, babe.” He drawled. I could hear the smile in his voice and I just wanted to slap it off his face.
“I just got the alert on my phone. You did very well, dearie….knew you would come through, it would have been a shame if you hadn’t.”

“Why are you doing this Anthony?” I found myself asking. ‘I have never wronged you, ever! So why are you putting me through all this?”

“It’s all for the money babe…. you’re fúcking a money bag and I intend to have my share. After all if I hadn’t brought you here, he would never have met you, would he?”

“Anthony, you know I won’t be with him forever. Eventually he’s going to get tired of me and the paychecks will stop coming. What will happen then?”

“Well…when that hurdle comes, we’ll figure it out. But for now, you should concentrate on satisfying him so much so that he doesn’t put you aside.”

“I could just spill, you know? I could tell him what you’re doing.” I said suddenly and he laughed

“If you do that, dear girl, your fate would be sealed. I’ve taken measures, your videos will be out there before you can say Richard Doherty, if you do.”

“You’re cruel Tony, a very cruel man.” I spat angrily.

“Oh please, I’m not. And to show that I’m not, I have reduced your payments back to the initial amount, hundred thousand. To be paid next next Sunday… just don’t try any stunts or you might find yourself paying far higher than two hundred thousand.” He said.

There was a slight pause and I thought he was going to cut the call but he continued. “So…are you free tonight? I’ve got spare cash to burn, would you like to go clubbing? Drinks on me ofcourse and after we’re done clubbing, we could take the party to a five star hotel suite where I could fvck you till we both pass out.”

“I think I’ll pass on that offer.” I said disgusted. Imagine the idíot, taking me out on the money he extorted from me.

“Oh, come on…. Don’t tell me you don’t miss my Díck. It certainly misses your Púnny…. I’m hard right now thinking how wet you get…so slick and juicy, clinging on my Joystick and refusing to let go when I used to fúck you…. Gosh, I’m suddenly being hit with a thick wave of nostalgia. I miss you like mad right now, I’m so hard for you Tishé, let’s get together tonight, what do you say?

To Be Continued…

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