-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 34

Written by Afroditte…

“You need the house because I could turn up at your doorstep at odd times, in need of a fvck and I would prefer you to be somewhere nice looking, not cramped. I need space, in order to have a more enjoyable fvck.”

By cramped, I guess he meant somewhere I wasn’t sharing a room with Vivian.

“Then a two bedroom apartment would do.” I said.

He smiled and I wondered at his amusement

“You’re smiling.” I said.

“Yeah, this is actually the first time I’ve seen someone under negotiate the terms of payment for a contract.”

“And it’s funny to you?” I asked slightly annoyed that he found me amusing. Here I was thinking I was the predator.

“No, it’s intriguing. I would never have thought it was possible.”

“Are you being sarcastic?” I asked and my annoyance must have shown in my voice because he placed a hand on my exposed thigh and rubbed over it, caressing my skin.

I looked at his hand, feeling the heat from his palm spread over my thigh.

“Tishé, you are one of a kind and that’s what I find intriguing about you.”

I was surprised to hear such uncharacteristic nice words from him and I told him so. “It’s surprising to hear such nice words from you, I never would have believed it possible.”

He chuckled lightly, his eyes crinkling at the sides. He looked so good when he laughed. It was hard to believe this was the same man who could become so hard faced when he laughed like this.

“So I’ll take a two bedroom apartment which I can share with Viv, I…..”

“What, no, there’s no way your Pitbull is moving in with you. The idea behind getting you a place is so that we can do what we do privately. I don’t need some mother hen breathing down my neck…and then, you get so loud, which I really don’t mind but I doubt she would like that.”

Viv still teased me over what had happened the last time Rich had been at our place. I hadn’t even known I had been screaming that loudly. I’d never been a screamer until Rich, there was just something about the way he touched me, it set me on fire.

“We’re a package deal, where I go, she goes…. And I have no need for a car, I don’t know how to drive”

“Then you take the terrace duplex, more space… More excitement and also to make up for no car.”

“It’s too much.” I said.

“No its not, trust me, it’s not for free….” His hand roved up to my Bosom still encased in the lacy bra. He cupped one in his hand, running his thumb lightly over its Tip. “When I make my demands on you, then you’d understand. You know I haven’t even begun with you yet.”

I wondered again exactly what sort of demands he meant. This wasn’t the first time we were having this discussion.

He must have seen the question in my eyes because he asked. “What do you think about fvcking another girl, tonight?”

Okay, now that was shocking. I swallowed before asking, “Like a threesome?”

“Something like that but not really, I don’t have to interfere…. Just you and some other girl, doing your thing, fvcking while I watch…. Playing with each other’s bodies, Bosom, pvssies and all.

My heart began to race, if I said I couldn’t, would that break our deal? I didn’t think I could do it but because I needed his money, I found myself nodding.

“I suppose…. I could.”I said even though I seriously doubted I could.

He was looking at me closely, and I feared he would spot my lie.“You sure?”

I nodded, wondering why he didn’t see through it already.
“Good. Tonight then. My house, I’ll set it up.”

Then he kissed my thigh, pulling me forward, till my crotch was close to his face. “I really want to fúck you here and now, on this desk. “

I wasn’t surprised, but before it got that far, I had to ask him for the money I needed for Tony.
“Umm.. Richard,.”

“Hmm?” He asked still kissing my thighs.

“Can I have that two fifty grand I refused before?”

“Sure… it’s yours…. whenever you want it.” he murmured in between kissing my thighs.

“I would like it today, please. Preferably in my bank account.”I said

He didn’t seem to suspect anything amiss as he replied, now nuzzling my crotch as his hands caressed my Buttocks cheeks “Sure….text Joe your account details.”

“There’s something else, Rich.” I said, and from the seriousness of my tone, he looked up at me. “Why won’t you give me your number? I always have to get through to you through Joe.”

Rich shrugged, “if you want it, it’s yours. I just prefer Joe handling things because I’m usually occupied or not available…. Oh and yeah…. Our new contract will be binding for a year, which means…. You can only opt out a year from now….unless I cancel the contract you can’t opt out.?

“A year?… But I don’t plan to be with the agency that long.”

“I don’t care if you’re with the agency or not. If you sign the contract, you’ll be with me for a year. Is that okay?”

“Rich… I don’t plan to do this after I’m done with fashion school…I…”

“That’s the deal, Tishé.” He said,holding my gaze. “I need to be assured I have you for a year.”

I thought about it for a moment. I wasn’t sure about how to get Tony off my back yet but I knew I would figure something. If I told Rich no deal, I wouldn’t get the money needed to pay off Tony this evening, which meant I would be ruined.

I would just have to agree to this for now and then try to renegotiate with Rich later.

Before I could reply, the doors to his office burst open and I jumped.

Oh my goodness! Why hadn’t I thought someone could barge in here. I did the first thing that came to mind and jumped off the table, crouching down and hiding under the desk between Rich’s legs.

“For crying out loud Ivy, how many times do I have to tell you not to barge into my office.” He addressed the rude intruder as he got up from the seat.

“Come on darling, you know I never listen and frankly, I’ve looked forward to this day. You like to keep your relationships private but I’ve caught you today. Who’s she?” The lady asked good naturedly, she sounded amused.

I had to wonder who she was to him as she didn’t sound pissed like a girlfriend or lover would.

“Come on out Rich’s lady friend, let’s meet you, shall we?”

Rich sighed resignedly. “Come out Tishé.”

“I’m Unclad.” I called, my voice coming as a squeak.

“Oh please, I’m sure it’s nothing we both haven’t seen before.” She said as she chuckled.

Goodness, who was she?

I wondered as I stepped out from under the desk in my half Unclad glory.

“Hello, I’m Ivy Doherty, Ritchie’s cousin.” She said as her eyes ran over me from top to bottom, a smile on her pretty and very familiar face.

I knew her. She was a popular actress, I’d watched countless of her movies. Wow, she looked even better in person, she looked hot and I was Unclad, goodness!

“Hello Ivy, I’m sorry but I need to put my clothes on, this is quite embarrassing.” I said picking up my skirt and stepping into it.

“Hey, I love that print skirt, where did you buy it?” She asked.

“Thanks, I made it myself.” I replied picking my top next.

“Tishé is a designer.” Rich said, breaking his silence.

“Upcoming designer…” I murmured, turning my back to them as I quickly shrugged my blouse on. She had been staring at my Unclad Bosom and had made no effort to hide it.

“Hmm, a designer.” Ivy murmured.

I turned back and saw she and Rich were exchanging curious looks between themselves. I couldn’t read it quite well but it seemed she was teasing him silently.

“And Tishé is leaving right now.” I said having dressed up, I couldn’t remain here one minute longer.

“No… What’s the rush…” Ivy began but I spoke hurriedly.

“I have somewhere to be ….” I said just as Rich also spoke up.

“She’s very busy.” He said

Then I turned to Rich. “I’ll give Joe the information, please…I need it ASAP, it’s really important.”

“Sure… So you’ll be set by 8?”

“Yes.” I nodded turning to see Ivy Doherty observing me quietly and I had to wonder if she had summed it up, that I was Rich’s private próstitute.

“Good bye, Ivy.” I said picking my handbag.

“Goodbye, I hope we meet again.” She said, that familiar Doherty smirk on her face as she stared at her cousin.

I hope we didn’t, I thought but managed a polite smile as I left.

To Be Continued…

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