-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 31

Written by Afroditte…

In a strange and not funny turn of events, a few hours later, I was seated at the back of one of Rich’s cars, furious as hell.

That bastard! That fúcking conniving bastard had been the reason I hadn’t had clients all through the week. I couldn’t believe the guy, he was acting like some bloody annoying dog that when it sunk it’s teeth into something, refused to let go.

I’d been deluding myself all along thinking I had gotten rid of him for good when he’d gone behind me to pressure the Madam into ignoring my request to cancel our contract.

Gosh, that man was so very unnerving.

After I’d finished with Viv’s work, I had called the admin to ask why I’d been paid when I hadn’t worked that week. The lady at the admin had been quite confused as she told me I was still Mr. Doherty’s Exclusive.

I’d told her I’d cancelled the contract earlier that week but she had said if it had been cancelled, it would have reflected in the system and had advised I spoke to the madam directly about it.

I had called her and to my utmost shock the Almighty Madam I knew had told me, there was nothing much she could do. When someone like Doherty wanted something, he got it one way or another. She advised that Doherty and I smooth things out, she could act as a mediator for the both of us and we could air our grievances and come to an agreement.

I had let her have a piece of my mind, that I trusted her to keep me safe and this was what she was telling me? That her client came first before me.

She had asked if anything Rich did was rough or threatening to my life and I had told her no, but I just wasn’t comfortable with his mood swings.

She had laughed then and for some reason I’d felt stúpid, like my complaint against him was stúpid and childish. Her last words had confirmed that it was actually what she thought of me.

“Tish, you are sleeping with one of the most powerful men in the country who is reluctant to let you go and you don’tt see the power you wield over him? What you see is his mood swings? You need to quit approaching life like you are a prey, Tish. Approach it like you are the predator and you will go far.” Then she’d added subtly, as if giving me important advice which I should adhere to. “Call Richard and talk…for some reason he wants you and only you. I have had a few clients like that and I know better than to get between them and whatever they crave….. You could try leaving the agency but he will keep coming and he will pester you till you are his. He’s obsessed, so like I said before, you have a hold over him, use it.”

And then she had dropped the call on me.

I wasn’t elated about the power I had over that nut case. The guy was crazy, he was toxic, he was fire…I would rather avoid the fire than play with it.

So, without thinking much about it, I had called Joe up and told him I needed to talk to his boss. It seemed Joe had been expecting my call because he said he would come pick me up and the boss would meet with me in his office.

He’d arrived at the Fashion school fifteen minutes later and here we were. He was driving, while I was seated in the back seat, fuming and coming up with unsavoury words that would make Rich understand that it was over and done between us and he should just leave me be.

“Is your boss always this way?” I said suddenly, directing my question at Joe.

“What do you mean, Miss Tishé?”

“Is he always so domineering, so annoying, so freaking controlling and manipulative?” I asked not masking the annoyance in my voice.

Joe shrugged as his eyes met mine in the rear view mirror. “Only when he’s got to have something…otherwise he doesn’t really care.”

I sighed, everyone said the same thing. He’s got to have something, and at the moment, it was me. He was obsessed with me. Why, for heaven’s sake? Why me?

“He’s not as mean as he makes you believe…” Joe added and I scoffed.

Yeah, right! I had seen him lose his temper and get all Dr. Hyde-like. Even though he subtly apologised and paid handsomely, it didn’t make up for his scary display of temper.

He’d said he would never intentionally hurt me and I believed he wouldn’t but I wasn’t sure. He was something else when he was mad. Scary.

My phone began buzzing and when I looked at the screen, I saw it was Anthony.
“Shít.” I muttered.

I couldn’t pick this call here,not with Joe here. I decided to text him.

Me: What?
Tony: Got my money almost ready? Sunday is only two days away.
Me: I can’t. Mr. Doherty dropped me a few days back.
Tony: You’re joking right
Me: I’m not, said he’ll go for someone else.
Tony:Tishé, find your way to get him back.

I frowned. If Rich had really dropped me, did this nitwit think I could ever convince someone like him to have me back?

Me: How in the world do you expect me to do that? The man has moved on to someone else.
Tony:I don’t care how you do it, just get it done, or I swear your pics will be online by this evening.
Me:This evening?
Tony: Yes, I am moving it up, get me my money this evening or your pics and that of Doherty’s will flood the internet.
Now I was beginning to panic. I decided to call him.

He picked.
“Are you mad?” I yelled at him.
“No!” He said, sounding pissed as hell “it’s you who is the fool if you think you would spring up that Lie and I would fall for it. Because of that, I have upped the amount to two hundred thousand. I will text you my account details. 7pm or just get on the internet and search for your name. Laters.”

“Tony please, Tony wait!” I called but he’d hung up. “Shít, Shít, Shít!”

“Are you okay, Miss Tishé?” Joe called from the front.

I wasn’t at all, I was confused and in slight shock. How the fvck was I supposed to get two hundred thousand in ….I checked the time on my phone, it was almost four o’clock. How was I supposed to get it in three hours?

“Miss Tishé?” Joe called again, trying to catch my eye in the mirror.

“I’m fine.” I lied, holding his gaze before he looked away.

Fvck, what would I do now?

To Be Continued…

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