-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 3

A Story written by Afroditte…

I was na.ked. Halfway there anyway, as I had chosen to keep on my very s*xy** net lingerie. It was too s*xy** to be removed, I felt. So I’d kept it on with hopes that Doherty would take it off himself.

This was still quite surreal to me and I was still nervous as His penthouse suite was magnificent. Exquisitely furnished, they had definitely not held back on expenses.

I couldn’t believe I was here, waiting for Richard Doherty himself.

For a second I wondered what he meant by being a hard man to please. I might not be an expert but I certainly knew how to do the basics well enough. The agency had also given us a course on the art of giving pleasure and so far my clients had always been satisfied with my performance.

I doubt there was anything he wanted that I couldn’t do for him.

I glanced at the coffee table where a bottle of champagne sat in an ice bucket. I looked at it longingly needing a glass of the drink.

Pulling back the covers, I stepped out of the bed and made for the table, walking past a floor to length mirror, I paused and stared at it for a while admiring my body in the white, net, figure hugging lingerie that left nothing to the imagination.

I was pretty, not hot like many of the girls at the agency but I certainly had a charm of my own. I was five feet seven inches tall with smooth bronze skin. I wasn’t fleshy but I was well endowed in the places that mattered.

My breasts filled out a double d cup comfortably and my my hips curvy enough to get stares from the men folk as my Buttocks protruded in a greater proportion to my waist which was why I wore free flowing clothes especially when off agency duty. I didn’t like calling undue attention to my assets especially when someone wasn’t paying for it.

I proceeded with opening the drink and was almost done when the doors to the escalator opened.

I glanced over and saw Joe, the bodyguard who had picked me from home. He was behind Richard whose gaze met mine. A sudden frown appeared across his features as he eyed my outfit.

I wondered if it wasn’t to his liking.

He stepped out of the elevator and the doors closed behind him. Closing off Joe who remained in the escalator as it returned downstairs, but not after he must have had his fill of my Unclad body.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Richard snapped, a furious expression marring his handsome features.

“Sir… umm I mean did I do something wrong?” I asked wondering what I’d done.

He walked over to where I was standing and looking perplexed, champagne bottle in one hand and bottle opener in the other.

“Did you do something wrong?” He asked me back. “Did you f.u.cking do something wrong? Seriously? I left you with instructions.. Instructions which were meant to be kept but no f.u.cking way, you prefer standing here in your na.ked glory, showcasing your Buttocks and breasts for all who care to look, isn’t it?”

I stared at him stunned and unsure of what to say.

“Drop those.” He said curtly pointing at the bottle and opener. I did and straightened back up to look at him.

He held my gaze as he stepped closer to me, looking down at me as he was so tall.

“You enjoy people watching you, don’t you.” He said quietly running a hand lightly down the side of my face. “You know the effect your body has on men and that’s why you exhibit yourself, to tempt them, isn’t it?”

His gaze held mine entranced but I managed to shake my head. That had never been my aim and I felt he needed to know it.

“I…I just needed a drink, I’d not….”

“Shut up.” He cut me off and I did.
He sighed taking his eyes off me and shaking his own head. “Tishe, when I give you an instruction, I expect it to be followed. If I say get into bed and wait for me, you get your f.u.cking Buttocks into the f.u.cking bed.

I don’t give a fu.c.k if you need to pee or whatever. If I say you get into bed, na.ked… you f.u.cking get into bed na.ked and stay there till when ever I have time for you!”

To Be Continued…

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