-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 27

Written by Afroditte…

The next few seconds happened quickly and unexpectedly. Rich must have sighted the room, because he suddenly took my arm in his and pulled me over, along with him into the room, slamming the door shut behind him and locking it with the key.

“Open the door!” It was Vivs turn to hit on the door and yell.

When I had gotten over my surprise at suddenly being dragged and locked in my own bedroom, I spoke up.

I didn’t like being alone with him like this in my bedroom. “What do you want to talk about Rich, I told you I’m done, nothing you can say can change my mind.”

He smiled that smile that didn’t reach his eyes, regarding me quietly for a while before finally speaking up. “I’m actually not here to say much. Not yet at least.” He said, his hot gaze on me now making me quite uncomfortable.

“What do you mean?” I asked but he ignored my question.

“You just had a bath.” He noted walking closer to me while I moved back, away from him until my legs hit the bed frame.

“Rich, stop…don’t come any closer….please.” I said. This had been a mistake,I should have never allowed him into the apartment.

“What? Are you scared? You really shouldn’t be…. You know I don’t bite and even if I did, you would love it.”

His voice was caressing and I swore I was already getting turned on.

He took more steps toward me and was now standing about two inches from me. “You have no reason to be scared, not even if you told me a little earlier to shove my money up my rich, perverted Buttocks and go screw myself.”

He wasn’t smiling as he said it and I didn’t know what to think. Was he angry with me or what? He was confusing me again.

“I… I…I’m…” I stuttered as he was so close to me. What did he want?

“What, you lost your voice now? No more bravado now that I’m here in the flesh? You seemed to be so mouthy over the phone, I listened to everything.” As he spoke, he raised his hand to the side of my face, lightly caressing my face with his fingers.

I closed my eyes as once again my body was betraying me against him. Just his lightest touch affected me so much.

“I…. I was quite pissed at the time, when I said all that…..” I tried to explain but he placed a finger on my lips stopping me from speaking.

“I’m not mad, I knew you were pissed. I didn’t expect you to still be so pissed after the events of last night and that’s why I’m here… to make you feel better…. To sort of apologise.”

I frowned. Apologise for which part exactly? Fvcking Gene or getting me assaulted?

His hand moved from my lips to the towel wrapping my hair. He loosened it gently and dropped it on the mattress, leaving my black, wet, shoulder length hair to drop.

His gaze dropped down to the outline of my full breasts beneath my T-shirt, he stared at my Bosom hungrily and I didn’t need a psychic to tell me he was here to fvck me. He had that his familiar hooded intense look.

“Rich, please stop.” I managed even though my body had already began melting for him.

“Stop what?” He asked.

“Stop this, please. I know what you want but I told you and I’m serious about it, it’s over between…..”

“Just shut up, will you?” Rich snapped curtly. The down on his face deepening. “Nothing’s over. You are just pissed and I will make it up to you however you want, that’s why I’m here. How do I make it up to you?”

I shook my head, wasn’t this guy listening? “I don’t want anything, I ….”

“Everyone wants something.” He said.

I sighed, he wasn’t going to accept this. I put my hands up to his chest and tried pushing him aside because I needed some space but instead he took my hands in his and pushed me back lightly, so I fell to the bed, sitting down.

“What’s this Rich?” I asked.

“You’ll see.” He said, releasing my hands for a moment, he took off his tie from around his neck and loosened it.

When he reached for my hand, I snapped it away, I had a feeling what his perverted mind was up to.

“No Rich!” I said trying to get up but he took my wrist by force now and wrapped the soft silk fabric around it, pulling me over the mattress, to the headboard. He began tying my hands to a bedpost.

“Stop Rich, you can’t force me to sleep with you.” I told him.

“Who says that’s what I’m doing?” He asked.

“What are you doing then, tying my hands to the bedpost?”

He paused, “I’m restraining you because I don’t need any interference from your hands when I’m doing what I’m about doing.”

“And what’s that?”

Holding my gaze, he smiled slightly, “Screwing you….with my tongue and maybe a few fingers, we could do fisting another time. For today, I want to eat you Tishé…I want to lick, suck and generally worship your pvssy till you cvm…. I’ve been quite curious what you would taste like and I’m just about to find out.”

My eyes widened. “No!” I protested trying to pull my hands away from the knot but it wasn’t possible. I was definitely going no where.

To Be Continued…

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