-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 25

Written by Aphrodite…

“Last night when I saw you come in with him, I was shocked at first but then I suddenly realised I’d hit the jackpot. So…..”

“What do you want?” I asked coldly not needing to hear whatever stupid story he was about going into.

“Oh, you get the picture now, don’t you? Well, all I ask for is a weekly payment of 100,000 naira. That’s all.”

“ Are you mad? Where am I supposed to get that sort of money for you every week?”

“Your sugar daddy can give you that without blinking. It’s Doherty we’re talking about here, so don’t act like it’s a big deal. I had wanted to make it more, but I didn’t want the man suspecting and asking questions, so I left it like this…. You can see I’m very reasonable.”

“Reasonable? Tony, you have lost your mind. There is no way I can come up with that amount every every week.”

“Well, you better get creative and think up how you’ll get it from him. Give him the best Fvcks ever, you always were a good lay with your sweet and springy Buttocks, so Bleep his brains to for all I care. Just get the money together or your pics, and your bosses video gets into the hands of top bloggers. You will both become internet sensations.”

“Tony wait, please…why are you doing this?” I asked confused,trying to see if he would stop this rubbish if I begged him to.

“For the money, what else?”

“Tony, so you would intentionally tarnish my reputation and that of another man because of money?”

“Yes honey, that’s the idea… now get my money together, will you? Sunday will be your first drop off, I will contact you. Good day.” He said hanging up.

I dropped the phone beside me on the bed, frozen in shock.

I had worked so hard to keep my side profession hidden and now that foolish and shameless Tony was threatening to expose me.

“Sh’it!” I cursed.

What was this now? If only Richard hadn’t taken me to that his stupid Hot gentleman’s club,all this wouldn’t be happening. This was all his fault.

Even if I paid Tony what he was asking, what was the guarantee that he wouldn’t still post it anyway? How long would I have to keep settling him?

No, I won’t even begin this,I would tell him Rich dumped me. After all I had already told Rich I wanted out. Now I would get out for real, I had to let Madam know I wasn’t interested in being Rich’s exclusive anymore. I could do that tomorrow afternoon, after classes.

If I wasn’t with Rich anymore, then Tony couldn’t force me to give him money I didn’t have.

I began feeling a little better knowing what I had to do.

The ring of my phone caught my attention and I glanced at it.

It was Joe.

I suddenly became pissed all over again. Was he calling to set up another meeting tonight?

I had to make it clear to him and his boss that I was done with the contract.


“Miss Tishé….” he started but I cut him off rudely, going straight to the point.

“Joe, tell your boss I meant it when I said I was done. The contract is over, I’m not interested, do you understand?”

Joe paused for a second at the other end,obviously quite surprised at my direct approach.
“Yeah…..he wants to see you this evening none the less. He’s …er….not too happy you didn’t take the money he left for you and he’s wondering if you wanted more…?

More? Was this guy crazy?

“I didn’t take it because I was trying to tell him that I don’t need his fvcking money. He can take his money and show it up his rich perverted Buttocks for all I care, I’m not interested in being his Exclusive anymore.”

“Miss Tishé,” Joe continued as if he’d not heard me and I wondered how much Rich paid him for all this trouble he was going through. “Why not at least speak to him about this. I’m sure you can come to some sort of an agreement.”

Maybe we could but when I thought about Tony’s threats, I knew there was no other way.

“No, Joe…”

“What if….” He xut me off but then his voice trailed as if he wasn’t sure he was supposed to say something. “What if I told you he likes you?” He asked.

I scoffed not even bothering to consider it. “Yeah right, he sure has a funny way of showing it… Anyway I really don’t care, there are many girls at the agency who can handle his excesses, I can’t and I don’t want to “

Joe sighed knowing he was getting no where with me. “He wants you, no other girl and even your madam can’t prevent him from getting what he wants…..just talk with him tonight and come to an agreement.”

“Are you threatening me Joe? Are you saying I have no choice here? I signed a contract for goodness sake and in it, it states that I can back out whenever I want to, I….”

“He’s a valued client of your agency, your Madam can’t do much if he insists it’s only you, he…..”

“Then I’ll leave the fvcking agency for him,” I yelled angrily. Why were they trying to back me into a corner like this? Making me feel helpless, like I had no choice. “Tell your boss to go screw himself because I am done with him and that’s that!”

I cut off the phone, now even more pissed than I had been about Tony’s blackmail.

So because he was filthy rich with really deep pockets meant I had to be tied down to him? No way, the madam would never do that to me. We were all protected in her agency.

Joe and his boss were just trying to strong arm me but they wouldn’t succeed, my mind was made up.

I almost laughed as I recalled Joe going as far as saying Rich liked me. Gosh, what an absurd lie. It was even quite scary imagining Rich liking someone, I doubted he was capable of it. He was so cold most of the time, rarely showed any emotion and I certainly didn’t want him liking me. It would be like being liked by the Devil.

I shuddered to think of it.

The guy was such a royal pompous Buttocks, imagine asking if I wanted more money? The nerve! Like money was the root of my issues with him.

Anyway, tomorrow I was definitely cancelling that contract, I couldn’t wait to.

To Be Continued…

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