-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 22

Written by Aphrodite….

When the door opened about ten minutes later, it was Richard who came in along with a tray which I could see had a glass of water and two aspirin tablets.

I held his gaze, his expression was bland, unreadable.

He walked into the room, placing the tray on the table in the sitting area of the room, before walking over to me.

“Are you okay?” He asked, his expression was unreadable but he affectionately placed his palm on the curve of my neck and got me surprised at his display of affection.

“Just a headache.” I replied quietly

“Joe says you want to leave?” He asked quietly.

I nodded.

“You want to leave for the night, or… you want to totally back out of our contract?”

I frowned,confused as I wondered if there was an option for me to stay. I had assumed he was getting together with Gene.

He must have mistaken my confusion at his words for something else because he spoke again.

“I know I was at fault, I shouldn’t have left you unchaperoned like that in a room filled with Hot people but when I was done and returned, all I saw left where you sat was Segun’s business card and I sort of assumed the both of you had scuttled off somewhere to probably f.uck, so I……”

“Wait, what?” I interjected. “ you saw his card and assumed i just went off and f.u.cked him? How…why… I …?”

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” he said looking straight at me as he continued, “ I was pissed off and didn’t bother looking for you anymore, not until I saw him sometime later and he vehemently denied it, saying you’d left him sitting there. I’d resumed looking around for you till I found you over an hour later, drunk as hell, barely fighting off the guy who had been taking advantage of you.”

I frowned, I needed to get things straight so I asked him,“so if you hadn’t spoken with Segun, you would have left me to…. Whatever? You took me there for crying out loud, I was your responsibility!” I spat as I was getting pissed now. The guy was such a jerk!

“Yeah,I agree but if you had just stayed put in my private seat and not drunk the whole damn wine bottle, all would have been fine, wouldn’t it?”

I was seething. I couldn’t believe he was blaming me for all that had happened. “Asides from your annoying friend, Segun, I couldn’t sit there and watch you and Gene each other like some pervert. It was so freaking disgusting and I had needed the wine to get the disturbing images from my brain.”

I walked over to the table, deciding on taking the aspirin, I couldn’t do this with my still throbbing head.

Rich didn’t say anything as he watched me down the tablets in one gulp.

I continued apeaking after I was done with the pills. “I’m done Richard. I’m done with all this confusion, and extremes, I … I can’t handle watching you someone else. I don’t think I can handle any more of your perverseness… I just want to go home.”

“Wait, are you saying watching me Genie is what sent you downing a whole bottle of wine in the toilet?”

He was suddenly smiling now, that annoying smile that was beginning to piss my off. There had been no humour in the way I’d been feeling, I still didn’t didn’t see the humour in any of it that he had to be smiling now.

When I didn’t reply he continued. “So, you are the possessive type, after all? Possessive because of your newly acquired jackpot? Did you feel threatened that Genie would get back with me and push you out of this sudden goldmine you hit?”

He crossed his arms as he spoke, looking at me, still smirking in so arrogantly and watching for my reaction. However I reacted would give him his answer.

Holding his gaze, I was mad at how he’d just termed me a gold digging LovePeddler. I needed money but I wasn’t desperate.

He was so full of himself and I would show him I couldn’t care less if he was a billionaire, he could shove his money up his Buttocks for all I cared.

Staring at him eye to eye from where I stood, I told him what I thought he was. “No, I felt disgusted at the perverted pig you are…. Who f.u.cks another person while a whole crowd of unknown people are watching? How does that even excite you? It’s just disgusting.”

Gosh that had felt so good, it must be the remnants of the alcohol that gave me the boldness to say this to his face but it had to be said and I wasn’t done.

To Be Continued…

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