-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 21

Written by Aphrodite….

I woke up feeling an urgent need to puke. My head had stopped spinning but was now replaced by a throbbing headache.

Managing to open my eyes,I saw that I was in some strange but we’ll furnished room, I knew it wasn’t Rich’s penthouse suite in the hotel but I didn’t have time to wonder too much.

If I didn’t get to the toilet soon, I was going to puke in bed.

I managed to turn to my side and swing my legs off the bed, sitting up. The nauseous feeling welling up my gut.

Now, where was the toilet?

“Are you okay, Miss Tishé?” It was Joe’s voice.

I hadn’t realised he was in the room also. I turned to look at him, he had just gotten up from where he’d been sitting in what looked like a sitting and entertaining part of the room. The space was so large.

“I need to throw up.” I announced barely holding it back now.

He got to me, held my arm and led me to the toilet in the bathroom just in time, before I let out the contents of my belly.

He held my hair back from my face as I hauled into the toilet, while I vowed mentally to never drink, ever again in my life.

When I was done, he led me to the to the washbowl where I rinsed my mouth and face.

Now that I’d gotten myself somewhat together, I began to wonder where I was.

I looked around and was surprised at the size of the bathing room and then the exquisite gold stone walls were just a sighted at behold.

From the flooring to the wall and then the ceiling, every component was well thought and considered to ensure a luxurious effect.

A large jacuzzi that could comfortably take eight people and a large shower stall with so many jets, the water would hit you on every part of your body.

Even the mirrors, washbowls and other furnishings spelt high end luxury.

Was this another hotel? I wondered

“Where am I Joe?” I asked Joe who was now standing by the door.

I looked down at myself, just noticing I was putting on an unfamiliar soft silk dressing gown that ended at my mid thigh.

“You’re on Mr. Doherty’s residential estate, Miss.”

“What?” I exclaimed through my head ache and realised I shouldn’t have. My head felt like it would fall off

He brought me to his freaking house? Why,I wondered when the hotel was there.

Thinking made my pounded head even worse and I winced at the pain.

Joe must have noticed my discomfort because he said. “I’ll get you an aspirin.”

“Yeah, and please get my things too. I’ll be leaving soon. Where’s Rich?”

“He has guests, …..I’m sorry, did you say you were leaving?”

I frowned, Rich was entertaining in the middle of the night? Had the Fun moved to his house.
Anyway,I didn’t care much about that as I was done with him and his extreme lifestyle that confused the hell out of me.

He’d made me feel so bad and confused, I’d downed a whole bottle of wine and ended up drunk and then fingered against my will and probably would have been raped if he hadn’t arrived.
The events were quite blurry but I did remember some creep sticking their finger into my P.u.ssy.

“You said you are leaving?” Joe asked again as if to be sure he had heard right.

“Yes Joe…. I will need you to drop me off at home or put me in a cab or something. Where is my night bag? I need to dress up.”

“But Miss Tishé, I don’t think that’s a good idea… Mr. Doherty wouldn’t want you leaving… its also in the middle of the night.”

“Mr. Doherty and I are over…besides he is entertaining, I guess he won’t miss my sudden disappearance…. Please Joe, just let me know where you kept my stuff. I need to get out of here.”

I said pushing past him to get back into the room.

“Mr Doherty is working, Miss not exactly entertaining.” Joe said and it got me wondering who worked in the middle of the night.

“Mr. Doherty needs to iron out some things with a few of his staff, there’s a huge deal they are working on and it’s got to go really well.” Joe explained, even when I hadn’t asked him.

It was as if he was trying to clear my distasteful impression of his boss and I wondered why he bothered. I really didn’t give a

Now that my head was somewhat clear,I could now appreciate the tastefully furnished bedroom.

It had been artfully designed to a sort of gold and burgundy theme. The walls and furnishings gilded beautifully with gold. I wasn’t sure if it was just paint or real gold.

The heavy burgundy drapes were pulled to the side and even though it was dark, I could see the view of a lake. There was only one expanse of water like that in Abuja.

“Is that Jabi lake?” I asked to be sure.

“Yes, Miss.”

“Is this Richards room?” I asked again.

“Yes, it is…” Joe replied, he must have seen the confusion on my face as I wondered why Rich had brought me here, into his personal space when he could have taken me to the hotel. “He was quite concerned about you after the incident at the … the club. He wanted to make sure you were fine.”

“Okay then, I’m fine, now can I go home? Where’s my stuff?” I asked, I needed to get back to my own familiar space. Besides, I didn’t think he had much use for me anymore,not after the he’d had with Gene earlier.

“I’m sorry Miss Tishé but I’ll have to get an approval from Richard before you can leave. I’ll get him.”

“No… don’t, please…” I stopped him. I couldn’t handle a smirking and arrogant Richard laughing in my face as he told me I could get the hell out.

I had read the writings on the wall. Flashes of him and Gene’s steamy session at the club ran through my head and I knew I was out. He would be taking her back.

“I’m sorry, Miss Tishé.” Joe said, opening the door and leaving.

I sighed as I went to lean against the window sill. My head still throbbed and I didn’t need anything more to upset me.

To Be Continued…

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