-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 2

A Story written by Afroditte…

Of all the times he has to come in, he had to come in when I was primping myself. He would think I was a ditz who cared only about her looks.

I got up from my seat, not sure why I did but felt it was the right thing to do.

He was so tall, about six feet six, his perfectly smooth skin a rich caramel and his well cut suit did justice to his lean muscled physique.

He wasn’t smiling, instead he looked quite irritated. He was still very good looking but that look on his face wasn’t encouraging.

“Hi.” His cool baritone voice boomed when he got to the table. His hard stare appraising me. “Tishe?”

“Tish, Sir.” I corrected holding his gaze.

He raised a brow as if surprised that I had the gall to correct him. He didn’t offer his hand so I stood there staring at him as he did the same to me.

His gaze roved over me slowly, taking all of me in and I struggled not to be embarrassed. Why should I be when I knew what I was, a tool to be used for his pleasure.

I hoped he liked what he saw because I had gone through quite a lot with the short notice I’d had from the madam. I’d shaved everywhere shavable except my hair, eyebrows and lashes.

I’d had a slow bath and applied some special lotions and scents, some girls at the agency had introduced to me.

I was wearing a white lace sleeveless shift dress that barely reached my mid thighs and underneath I was putting on something I hoped he would find alluring.

“Sit please.” He said briskly as he pulled a chair. His security team were nowhere to be seen now but I guessed they were close by. “You’re not having anything to eat?”

“ I’m not hungry.” I said noticing his slight accent. British.

“Hmm.” He said and I caught a hint of disapproval in his gaze.

I couldn’t afford to make a bad impression so I hurriedly added, “I will have something a little later.”

“So, Patty told you I’d like you to be my exclusive… that’s if I find you to my liking of course.”

“Uh.. Yes sir.” I replied surmising on my own that he referred to the madam, as Patty.

“And you’re fine with the arrangement?”

I shrugged trying to be calm when I was really thinking if this guy was crazy. Of course I was elated. “Yes, I’m fine with it.”

“I must warn you that I am not an easy man to please… I can be quite… demanding… What do you do? Or is this your full time job?”

Not having time to ponder what he meant about being demanding, I sat up straight as I suddenly realised this was a job interview of sorts.

“No Sir.” I began, I was definitely no career LovePeddler. “I’m a part time student…. I’m presently studying fashion and design at the Bloomsbury Fashion Academy.”

I said proudly and thought I saw something cross his features. He was impressed and I mentally ticked my appraisal scorecard, one point in my favour.

“ Do you have a boyfriend or lover?”

“Umm, No Sir.”

“Could you quit the Sir? My name is Richard or even Ritchie, please use whichever you are comfortable with.” He instructed quite impatiently and I nodded. “So no boyfriends? How come?”

I thought carefully for a second before replying. Truthfully I was on a break from serious relationships as I had one of the worst track records ever.
“I’m too busy for a relationship.” I told him.

“Okay…. I understand that you are quite busy with your… studies. I won’t make unnecessary demands on your time but you will be free weekends and evenings?”

“Yes Sir, I have classes only four days in a week. I am definitely free, Sir.” I said too quickly to realise how over eager I sounded until it was too late.

He smirked slightly, “I’m sure you are… And it’s Richard, remember?”

I nodded. “Yes, sorry Sir… Sorry Richard.” I stammered like a fool.

He quirked his head slightly to the side, the smirk still on his lips as he quietly stared at me some more.

I held his dark hooded gaze, surprised that I could but I had to show him I wasn’t some spineless nervous girl. Something told me any show of nervousness would put him off. He seemed like an impatient man with no time for fretty females.

“Okay then, I’m done with my questions, could we adjourn to the penthouse?” he said getting up.

I frowned also getting up from my seat, “Penthouse, here?”

“Yes. It’s my hotel and I have the Penthouse to myself.”

His hotel, seriously? He probably owned the restaurant also. No wonder he could close it down suddenly to entertain me, his mistress to be.

“Shall we?” He gestured for me to come over to him and he’d just had a hand over my arm when the exit door burst open.

We both turned and I was surprised to see Gene, his former exclusive stomping toward us and looking angry as hell.

Mr. Doherty’s security aides appeared and made to block her approach.

“Ritchie! Ritchie! You dumped me for this trash… how dare you…how…”

“Please go with Joe here, he’ll escort you to the suite. I need to take care of this…” he then pulled me closer to him, so that his breath fanned my neck as he spoke into my ear. “Get under the sheets and get Unclad before I arrive.”

……this is all for now….

To Be Continued…

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