-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 19

Written by Aphrodite….

“ What if Rich remembers how sweet she is and then decides to get back with her?” he asked and I managed an unaffected shrug.

“Then he gets back with her.” I replied. “I’ll be assigned to some other client.”

“Clients that will take very good care of you like he will?” he asked again.

“What’s your point really? Am I supposed to fight for him or something? He’s just a job nothing more, and he can choose whoever he wants to…. He’s the client after all and he gets whatever he wants as far as he can pay for it…. Is there a point to your questioning?”

“Yeah, I had wanted to see how desperate you were to keep him but it seems you don’t really care.” He was looking at me with something akin to admiration.

“I only just began working for him… he might be rich and all that but that’s not really my concern. As far as I get my weekly checks, I’m okay. Whatever he gives me on top is welcome but I’m not going to fight some career wh’ore for a client.” I said. It wasn’t entirely true as it would be disheartening if I lost the extra money but it wasn’t anything I wouldn’t get over.

“Hmm, I like you….” He said with another wide smile. “So it’s not about the money or whatever else that comes with being with a billionaire?”

“ It’s just a means to an end and when that end is met, I’m out.” I said. Turning back to the show. I wasn’t even sure why I bothered explaining to him but I felt I had to so he wouldn’t lump me in the same category as desperate Gene.

My breath caught as I saw Rich had slipped his into her and was f.u.cking her missionary style.

He wasn’t Bleeping her hard and rough like how he’d f.u.cked me the night before. He f.u.cked Gene really slow and sensual like. His huge d.ick slipping almost out of her and then pushed back in as she arched her back, enjoying and revelling in the pleasure his d.ick gave her.

I was suddenly overcome with more jealousy. Why hadn’t he bleeped me like that? Why had he been so rough and hard with me? I thought that was how he enjoyed it but here he was Bleeping Gene so sensually while my own Kittycat ached, swollen and aroused.

Was Shegs right? Did Gene have such a sweet p.u.ssy that Rich wanted to savour it slowly instead of ramming into it like he’d done to me?

He’d said he was here to punish Gene but this didn’t look like punishment to me. She was really enjoying him f.u.cking her so sensually.

Now, he was sitting back on his legs, pulling her up with him and placing her astride his thighs. She began to ride his, their arms wrapped around each other for support, his head buried in her breasts.

I could feel myself getting quite pissed, Rich was punishing the wrong person. He was punishing me.

As if reading my thoughts, Shegs said,” You know….if it doesn’t work out between you and Richie,you can give me a call and we can work something out.”

He handed over what looked like a business card and I just stared at his hand.

I would never take on a client which the agency didn’t provide. Anyone caught taking private clients was instantly let go. I wondered why Gene hadn’t been fired for doing so already.

The madam had probably looked past it as Gene brought in big money, and now it looked like she and Rich had ironed out their differences. They would be getting back together pretty soon.

I was done watching the live X-rated consisting my client with his former wh’ore, and Shegs was quite unnerving also. I needed space, so I got up from the seat not caring anymore that my Buttocks was hanging out.

I wanted Shegs to have a good view of the Buttocks Rich had enjoyed as he seemed so interested in it.

I picked the barely touched bottle of red wine and made my way out, anywhere away from Richard and his depraved companions.

To Be Continued…

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