-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 18

Written By Afroditte…
Richard and Gene had begun the show as she was presently sucking his balls. Kneeling in between his legs as he sat by the edge of the bed.

I remembered back in the car when Rich had purposely held himself off while I’d worked his in vain.

He was presently staring down at her as she did her thing, his face hard, giving off nothing and it occurred to me that this was his punishment look.

He was punishing her. It all came to me now, Gene had done something and Richard had dumped her and taken me in her stead.

Now he was punishing her for whatever she’d done.

“What did she do?” I found myself asking Shegs. His presence might be of some use after all.

“What?” He asked turning to me.

“ Why did he…..dump her?”

“Why else? The oldest reason in the book, she broke the agreement…. She took on a few other men aside from Richard.”

I raised a brow. Why in the world had she done that? Knowing the kind of man Rich was.

“Don’t blame her, it’s female nature I guess…to be greedy. To want more….more money, more wealth, more di’cks….” he said with a chuckle.

I didn’t share in his mirth so I turned back, my food already forgotten. Greedy bi’tch, I thought. Anyway she was a career wh’ore, this way of life was all she had.

I would only be in this for the next few months. I was done once I was making a steady income from designing and I was quite sure I would find work pretty easily as my grades were really good.

He got up from the bed, pulled her up and pushed her into bed. Then picked something that had been placed at the side of the bed. He ripped it open and I realised it was a condom.

I smiled, him using protection meant he didn’t trust her. At the agency, we went through strict STD tests and our clients were also certified clean, especially the exclusives. That was why we didn’t bother with the protection because we were assumed to be clean and not seeing anyone else.

After rolling on the rubber, he joined her in bed.

For a moment, I envied her light complexioned smooth skin and lithe, slender frame. She was beautiful.

Laying back against the bed comfortably,she spread her legs open for him as if very familiar with his modus operandi.

Richard’s body covered hers as one hand grabbed one plump Bosom, his mouth sucking on the taut and erect Tip while his other hand fingered her p.u.ssy.

I felt an ache in my own as I watched him and the expressions on her face showing the pleasure she was going through.

She responded to his touch by moving her hips in accordance with his fingers, dancing to his tune.

I didn’t know if I could really watch this. My own pu.ssy was getting wet watching this live pornographic drama.

I shifted uncomfortably and Shegs said. “It’s getting to you, isn’t it? You’re turned on?”

I didn’t reply but he continued, “Does it make you jealous? Or somewhat scared?”

I frowned not understanding and he elaborated. “Genie is quite delicious, her is one of a kind.”

I frowned at the disgusting information wondering how he knew. Was he one of the men Gene had f.u.cked?

To Be Continued…

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