-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 15

Written By Afroditte…

I obeyed immediately as I was glad to have gotten a reaction from him finally. Unbuckling his belt, i unzipped the fly of his pants and freed his huge throbbing it was hard as expected and I was happy to be reacquainted with it, it had been a while.

I began to take him in slowly but Rich put a hand to the back of my head and shoved me on to it, choking me in the process but he didn’t care.

This was my punishment.

When I couldn’t take the assault anymore, I held on to his hand, tightening my grip on him in a silent plea.

He released his grip and I came up for air, looking up at him.

There was no remorse in his eyes, he was still very pissed with me.

“You don’t call the shots, I do….. I tell you to jump, and you jump… I tell you to leap and you do, hell, if I tell you to bark, you freaking do that, you understand? Don’t go getting ideas that you can whine me about your fingers just because you’ve got a nice body. You got that? I call the shots.”

I frowned confused, that hadn’t been my intention at all. I’d only meant to make things better but obviously it was even worse now.

“Now suck me off, like the paid cu.nt you are.” he said pushing my head back to his crotch.

I sucked his rooster, giving my best effortin a bid to make it end quickly but he refused to come. He seemed to be holding himself back, because I slurped all over him as expertly as I could and got nothing.

He wasn’t choking me on his Joystick anymore, but he was giving me nothing. I got a few groans here and there but he refused to come. I wasn’t sure how long I was at it but it was quite a while until Joe spoke up.

“We’ve arrived, Sir.” Joe said and that was when I realised the car had stopped moving.

I looked up at him at a loss for what to do. Do I keep going at it since it seemed he was trying to prove a point to me.

With that familiar and now annoying satisfied smirk on his mouth, he took my hand and guided it over his di’ck, wrapping it around his heavy shaft. I did as he suggested, jerking him off with my hand while lubricating his with my saliva.

Moving my hand over his shaft in quick, insistent movements. He sat back in his seat and closed his eyes, now relaxing and giving himself over to the pleasure my hand gave him.

Now I knew I would get him to come as he had given himself over.

Opening my mouth, I took one of his balls, teasing it with my tongue as my hand movements became faster and more insistent.

He nodded, eyes still closed and I guessed I was on the right path.

After suckling on his balls for a while, I moved up, placing my mouth over his rooster, I began suckling the top of his rooster, as my gentle hand furiously cajoled his body into release.

It wasn’t much longer as I’d begun feeling the tremors on his di’ck and he his breathing was heavier now.

Knowing this, I jerked off his shaft more insistently as my wet tongue teased the sensitive top of his rooster.

He jerked back against the seat as he managed a low groan, releasing his warm cu.m into my mouth. Dutifully, I swallowed, everything and when he was done, he fell back against the leather seat, spent.

I remained on my knees between his legs, awaiting further instructions when he was ready, looking up at him.

I used the time to take in his features. I stared up at him, such a good looking face, Well defined, with a clean shaven sharp jaw and angular cheekbones. The complexion of his skin, a rich caramel. His narrow eyes dark and mysterious, shaded by such thick lashes that I wasn’t sure if he was staring back at me or if they were closed. The bridge of his nose was high and straight, slightly flared at the nostrils while his peach hued lips drawn firmly as usual, looked soft, the top one slightly fuller than the lower.

I wondered what it would feel like to have a taste of his mouth. He hadn’t kissed me yet but I wasn’t bothered. Many clients were quite cautious about kissing us, the wh’ores which was quite funny as we exchanged bodily fluids when we bleeped without protection.

I must have been staring intensely at his mouth because he suddenly put his hand behind my head, pulling me forward as he met my lips in a searing kiss.

I realised his eyes hadn’t been closed, he’d been watching me watching him. How in the world had he known I’d been wondering what it would feel like to be kissed by him.

He kissed me, keeping his eyes open as we held each other’s gaze. His lips in control over mine.

It wasn’t punishing, instead it was soft and even quite romantic.

Was this his way of apologising for choking me against his di’ck earlier? This man confused me so much.

One minute he was mean and imposing and the next he was almost human. Was he confusing me on purpose? I didn’t know if he wanted me to hate him, respect him or like him or ….all?

He brushed his lips over mine, licked and nibbled, all the while holding my gaze.

When he pulled away, I wished he hadn’t. I wanted more but the next thing I saw was a handkerchief in my face.

“Clean me up.” He demanded.

I took it and did as I was told, cleaning him up.

For the first time, I glanced out the windows and realised I wasn’t sure where we were. I’d thought we’d been going to the hotel but was quite surprised to see us in a huge compound, in front of a large mansion, that looked residential.

“Where is this?” I asked him as i handed him back the handkerchief which he took from me and throw into something that looked like a portable bin and closed the lid back.

I thought he hadn’t heard me, so i repeated my question, but instead of a reply, he smiled that annoying ‘I know something you don’t’ smile before replying.

“You’ll see..and don’t put your clothes back on. You’re already well dressed for the occasion.”

With those words, he opened the door got down, straightened up and pulled his pants back on, bucking up.

I still didn’t believe he actually meant for me to come down practically Unclad with my Buttocks and p.u.ssy hanging out for everyone to see, so I remained behind until he turned around when he was done fastening his pants.

“Well? Anytime soon would be good.” he said.

I shook my head wondering if I was under some sort of punishment and that was why he meant to humiliate me this way. How could I walk into a building with people, dressed as I was, with no coverings on my private parts.

I stammered, seeing the impatience on his features, “I…I can’t…I…need to put something on,please.”

“No! Get your Buttocks out, now!” He snapped.

I shook my head vehemently, I might be nothing more than a paid cu’nt but this c.u.nt still had some dignity left. I would not expose my privates to the public.

He sighed, his voice dropping low now as if trying to be persuasive. “I warned you I would make weird demands of you, this is one…. Now get your Buttocks out or I’ll be looking for your replacement tomorrow.”

I didn’t like this one bit but when I thought of the money I would lose if I didn’t comply, I stepped out of the car.

He reached in and took my hand, trying to assist me but I slapped it off as I was so pissed.

So pissed, I didn’t know when I muttered, “If I’m going to be exposing my Buttocks in public, you better make damn sure you give me a hefty bonus.”

He paused looking surprised for a moment, then slowly his mouth curved into a smile as he said, “Now that’s what I’d like to hear.”

He turned and made for the front doors and I followed, noticing that there were quite a number of cars parked in the large compound. High end luxury cars, like Rich’s.

Curiously,I asked. “What are we doing here?”

He glanced briefly at me, “I’m here to punish someone.”

To Be Continued…

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