-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 13

Written By Afroditte…

It was seven fifty five and I was ready.

I’d worn the crotchless lacy number underneath a black figure hugging gown that barely reached my mid thighs with a zip that ran in the front from bottom to neck line.

My curvy body was on full display, Vivs idea was to get him so hot he would rip my clothes off at first sight.

I doubt it would be that dramatic knowing Rich was very controlled. A guy who could watch me touch myself for minutes without flinching. I could pleasure and my Kittycat numb all night and if he decided he didn’t want to me, he wouldn’t.

It was all about control with him. That was why he needed me to follow his instructions all his time. It seemed an obedient and pliant female was a huge turn on for him.

My phone buzzed and I saw it was Joe, right on time.

“It’s him?” Viv asked putting finishing touches to my make up. She’d gone all the way, foundation, bronzer, fake lashes and all. I felt it was too much,I really didn’t need to try this hard and seem so desperate even if I was.

Rich had wanted me without all the fuss, so why did I have to over do myself to impress him? I’d tried reasoning with Viv but she always got what she wanted.

She was at the window looking out as it seemed she was done with my makeup. Our apartment was on the first floor, so we could see out into the street.

I picked my overnight bag. “Alright, see you tomorrow?”

“! Is that his Bleeping Maybach?” She screeched.”That’s his personal freaking car……”

“What?” My eyes widened, did this mean what I think it did?

“Yeah! He Bleeping came here in person….” She screeched. “Get the out of the house right now. Don’t you know it’s rude to keep your client waiting.”

“Goodness!” I grabbed my phone and all but ran out of the apartment and down the stairs which wasn’t so easy as I was in six inch stripper heels.

I made it to the gates without falling on my face and was just closing the gates when I saw a familiar figure approaching. Greg?

‘What the ….’

“Tishé?” he asked, staring at me, his eyes growing wider as his brain registered my skimpy and whorish costume that was meant to seduce any guy who laid eyes on me.

“What the hell are you doing here Greg?” I asked almost not believing this was actually happening ,I think I was in partial shock. It wouldn’t take too much for him to put it all together.

Then I had another problem, Richard Doherty. If Richard was in his ride, he was definitely watching this.

“Why are you dressed like that, Tishé… you look like a ….”

“I’m going to the club with some friends tonight.” I lied smoothly. “ and why didn’t you call before coming? I could have told you not to….”

“ oh, so now I have to call and book an appointment with you before seeing you? Is that it? Why not give me the number of you assistant and I’ll book an appointment next time?” he said sarcastically.

“You know that’s not what I meant…” I glanced at Rich’s car again. From where I stood, I couldn’t tell if he was in it as the windows were stained but if he was, I was keeping him waiting and he wouldn’t like that. “I have to go now, Greg, please. I’ll give you a call later.”

I started walking off when he held me back. “Tishe wait,” he held my arm and I stopped “I came to apologise about my attitude earlier and was hoping we could hang out tonight… what club will you be, I could meet up with you later.”

“I…I’m not sure Greg. Please let me call you back later. Please.” I pleaded pulling away from him and walking to Rich’s car.

I could feel him watching me and I already knew I had some explaining to do when next I saw him. I wondered if he bought my club story. Seeing me get into Rich’s ride, he would wonder when I began rolling with guys in Maybachs.

As I got closer to the car, Joe got out from the driver’s door and opened the back door for me.

“Thanks Joe,” I said as he also took my overnight bag, leaving me with just my handbag.

Looking in, my heart fell as I saw Rich seated in the plushly designed white leather interior, his features hard as granite.

I sat down in the seat beside his knowing I had some explaining to do now but I still couldn’t help but notice the plush interiors of the car looked like that of a private jet.

“Hi Rich.” I mumbled.

“Hi.” He replied before adding, “who the was that?”

“Errr..” It was on the tip of my tongue to come up with some lie but he would catch me even before I finished with it. “He’s a course mate and a friend.” I said.

“What sort of friend?” he sneered.

“Just a casual friend.” I said looking at my exposed thighs, the short gown had ridden up a lot.

He turned to me now and I sneaked a glance at him before turning away quickly as I saw he was pissed.

“Bleeping look me in the eye when I speak with you, dammit.” He snapped and I turned back sharply, apologising.

“I.. I’m sorry.” I croaked

“Sorry for what exactly?” He asked.

“For looking away from you.” I said quickly. This night wasn’t going as well as Vivian had planned. Why did Greg have to turn up and spoil everything?

“Is that all?”

“ Yes…” I couldn’t think of anything else to apologise about.

“You say he is a casual friend, yet what I witnessed from here was anything but casual friendship. Would you care to explain what it is you really have going on with that young man?”

“ I have nothing going on with him, I swear… We’re just friends, he …he has feelings for me and I’ve discouraged him severally…..We have nothing going on.” I told him.

“You understand our agreement perfectly well, don’t you?” he asked quietly, but his eyes still hard as he looked at me.

I nodded. “I do.”

“Well, incase you don’t, I’ll explain it. You’re mine, I pay you really well to be my personal plaything because I don’t want anyone else playing with what’s mine, you get that?
I want nobody else touching you or even being attracted to you, so shut down whatever feelings your friend has for you. I don’t give a if you become enemies, just shut it down!”

To Be Continued…

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