-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 12

Written By Afroditte…

I’d been to the agency and signed the contract the madam had left with her assistant. Now, Vivian was dragging me through one of the most expensive lingerie shops in town trying to get me to buy something but I was reluctant.

I thought it would be better to save than splurge. There were better things I could do with money.

“Tish, check this crotchless one out, its F.u.cking hot, isn’t it?” She said excitedly pulling another skimpy lace thing for me to admire.

I nodded at the fuscia pink two piece lace ensemble. It was hot. I could see the lacy top half covering my heavy breasts,leaving more of it out than covering it.

The bottom was a craftily designed crotchless little thing with more of strings than lace.

Checking the price tag, I shook my head.

“Nah, no way… these things are overpriced….see the scanty fabric on this thing and they are charging so much?” I complained.

“It’s Victoria’s secret, duhh?”

“Well I don’t care to know what secret Victoria is keeping.” I joked, “let’s leave.”

“Leave? How can we leave when you haven’t gotten anything. Remember you said fifty shades gives instructions which you must follow, do you want to disobey a direct order from your fifty shades?” She asked trying another clever tactic, using what I’d told her about Rich and his instruction.

She was so cunning and I had to admit she was right. I’d told her about the quick tempered enigma that was Richard Doherty. Not everything, just his weirdness. We had a client confidentiality and nondisclosure thing at the agency, so I couldn’t tell her much but I hadn’t been able to resist telling her about his temper and the instructions thing.

“Can you just quit calling him fifty shades? And okay, you got me, I will buy something, but not from here. I’ll do some second hand shopping or something. “

Vivian frowned at me like I’d suddenly began speaking French. “What the Tish, you’re in the Bleeping big leagues now, you can’t afford to be cheap! You can make over five times the price of this thing if you know how to get your fifty shades hooked.
Look, Chicks like us don’t play with our clients, some even dabble into juju to keep them but you don’t need all that. You have all the assets needed to attract him, you just need better packaging.
Okay, see I will buy this for you and the next time you see him,you will wear this … only!
Nothing else, I don’t care if he takes you to the frigging amusement park. “

I shook my head, remembering Rich didn’t like me showing off my body to anyone else. “He gets quite jealous when I expose myself in the presence of anyone else.”

“ okay, then you will wear something on it, I have the perfect idea.” She brightened picking off the outfit from the rack. “Come on, by the time I’m done with you, fifty will be eating from your hands.”

“He’s not fifty.” I tried in vain.

“Whatever! and you will pay me back if it’s a hit and then you will also buy mine too.” She said as she led the way to the check out stand.

“Viv, these your terms are too high o.. How can I buy this expensive thing and pay you on top?.” I complained just as my phone began ringing and I looked at the caller screen.

It was Joe’s line, I had saved the number from yesterday.

“Viv, it’s him….it’s one of his aides,” I informed her.”

Vivs eyes widened as a smile brightened her features. “Pick it already, jawe”

I did. “Hello, Joe?”

“Hello Miss Tishé…. Mr. Doherty would like for you to join him tonight.”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Okay, I’ll be at your place by eight p.m” he said

“Alright.” I said hanging up.

“What did he say, what did he say?” Viv demanded.

“Tonight at eight.” I said with glee.

“Yes! You must have impressed the guy for him to want you two nights in a row.”

I shrugged, remembering how impressed with my Buttocks, he’d been. He probably wanted to me in the Buttocks some more, I thought and for some reason I wanted it.

I wanted his huge throbbing in my Buttocks, it had felt so good the night before and I couldn’t wait for tonight.

To Be Continued…

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