-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 10

A Story written by Afroditte…

The ringing of a telephone jarred me awake. I opened my eyes, spending about five seconds getting my bearing together.

Then I remembered the last night. I turned, Rich was no where in the room. The phone kept ringing and I realised I would be the one to pick it.

Rolling over, I couldn’t help but notice my body was quite sore, some places more than others. I picked up the receiver, “Hello?”

“Miss Tishé?” The voice on the other end was female.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“Good morning, you have a Madam Pattie on the line for…..”

All sleep vanished from my head as I realised the madam was on the line. “Yes, please put her on.”

“Tishé, what’s with your phone, you haven’t been picking your calls?”

“Good morning ma, it’s been on silent since yesterday MA.” I replied hurriedly. We had a policy of never receiving calls while with clients.

“Okay, but you are now off duty and its 9 a.m for crying out loud? So why is it still on silent?” She asked.

9 AM? Didn’t know I’d slept so long. Good thing it was a Saturday or I would have missed lectures. “I’m sorry ma, I was still asleep.”

“Oh..” Her voice trailed, when she spoke next I thought I could detect a smile. “He wore you out didn’t he?”

I kept mute as I doubted she wanted an answer.
“Anyway, I just spoke with Mr. Doherty and he has chosen to keep you on… said something about you being quite impressive. So come on over to the office later and let’s sign your contract. Congrats, you’re exclusive now….. That’s unless you have reservations?”

My jaw dropped in amazement and I was too stunned to reply.

“Tishé? Any reservations? Do you agree to the terms both of you discussed?”

“Emm, Yes ma, I do.”

“Good, now get out of bed already.” She said hanging up.

I sat up, a huge smile on my face. He had kept me, I was now his exclusive mistress.

There was a buzz which I suspected indicated someone was coming in. I jumped out of bed to grab my discarded bath robe which was still on the Sofa where I’d left it and hurriedly put it on. Wincing as my sore muscles protested in pain.

“Good morning, Miss Tishé.” It was Joe, Rich’s security aide from yesterday. His voice came up on speakers, I just realised were by the elevator doors. “May I come in?”

Walking closer to the doors, unnoticed a security system which showed a visual display of the interior of the elevator. I could see Joe along with a staff of the hotel who carried a trolley laden with breakfast.

“Yes.” I called tying the sash about my waist.

The elevator door opened and Joe stepped out.

“Did you sleep well?” Joe asked politely and I nodded my answer, watching as the lady rolled in the trolley and began transferring my breakfast on to the centre table where we’d had dinner the night before.

“Mr. Doherty left this note and something on the vanity for you.” he said.

I accepted the note before making my way to the bed, curious to see what he’d left.

“If you need anything, you can call reception and they’ll notify me.”

I nodded, barely glancing his way as he and the lady left.

I opened the note first.


Thanks for a satisfactory night.

The cash is yours, splurge on some lingerie, the expensive type.

I requested a private full body massage for you after breakfast, knowing certain parts of your will be sore.

I’ll call you.

Dropping the note, I searched on the vanity and saw a bulky white envelope with my name written on it. Picking it up, I opened it and my mouth dropped for the umpteenth time in two days.

A bundle of a thousand naira notes, sat in it. Still with the bank’s wrap around it.

“A hundred thousand naira.” I breathed. This was the bonus for just one night, it was aside what the agency would pay me weekly which wasn’t too bad after the madam had taken her cut.

“Wow.” I was left speechless for a few seconds before I remembered my friend, Vivian. She had to hear this.

To Be Continued…

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