-The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)

Read Story: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 1

A Story written by Afroditte…

Sitting in the cool, empty five star restaurant, I was nervous as hell. The air conditioning in the classy furnished room seemed unable to cool the heat that coursed through my body as I waited from my client.

It wasn’t like I was a rookie in this business but knowing my client was one of the most powerful men in the country, I couldn’t be blamed for feeling as I did.

When the madam had called me up that morning that I had a new exclusive client, I’d been elated. Exclusive meant more money and a steady commission but when she’d gone farther to add that it was Richard Doherty, I’d almost gone into an anaphylactic shock. My jaw had probably been left hanging a few seconds more than was normal.

I had asked Madam to make sure there was no mistake, but she had said he had personally requested for me even though she had told him I was still something of a newbie in the agency and might not meet his strict standards.

I still couldn’t fathom how he’d noticed me? I wasn’t one of the prettiest and surely not experienced enough for him to have heard about me.

The only time he could have noticed me was at the coming out party the madam had thrown for the new girls, I’d been one.

All the girls had been attached to a client of the madam’s. I had been attached to some elderly potbellied man who had looked comfortably old enough to be my grandfather.

The night had been a bore for me as I’d hung around the grandpa as he talked with his elderly, one foot in the grave friends. My eyes had wandered and I’d been envious of all the top girls who had been paired with the exclusives.

The exclusives were rich, not too old men who were not too bad looking. They had the best looking and most experienced girls in the agency and paid heftily for it also.

I had been spotting the exclusives in the crowd that evening when my gaze had collided with his, Richard Doherty or Ritchie like Genie his exclusive mistress liked to call him.

Our eyes had held for all of two seconds, my breath catching for all of that time before he’d looked away as if dismissing me as no one of importance.

He was the most good looking of all the exclusives, probably the wealthiest also. He wasn’t even old which made me wonder why a girl like him kept a mistress. Why wasn’t he in a serious relationship or married like other young men his age.

He was thirty five years, I’d checked out his Wikipedia page. Young, good looking and Bleeping rich but preferred to keep a mistress. The highly rated and experienced girl in the agency, Genevieve.

She was one of the highest paid and didn’t shut up about it. The Bleeping career LovePeddler, she treated the other females as lesser mortals and I’d just about had it with her.

She hadn’t stepped up to me yet but if she did, she would know I wasn’t the young, docile looking lady people mistook me for.

I was sort of tempted to wonder why she was being let go by Doherty but didn’t really feel like tasking my brain. It was normal for men to get tired of their Lovepeddlers after a while. Hope she had saved up for the rainy day.

“Mr. Doherty apologises for the delay, Miss… Tishe.” Mr. Doherty’s driver appeared before me saying. I guessed he was also a security aide of Mr. Doherty’s. He had that trained secret service look going for him dressed in a black suit and dark lensed glasses to match. Reminded me of Will Smith in The men in black movie.

“It’s just Tish, please.” I corrected him politely as I didn’t like going by my real name in this line of work.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t like to order for refreshments?” He asked with a glance at my bottled water and half filled glass cup on the table.

“No thanks, I’m good.” I replied not trusting my nervous body with anything more than water.

“Mr Doherty will be here in a few minutes.” He said with a curt nod before leaving.

I stared at his retreating back wondering if he was always so stiff.

When the madam had said Mr. Doherty’s driver was enroute to pick me, I hadn’t expected the tall, broad shouldered bouncer look alike with a perpetually solemn expression.

He looked so imposing and I definitely wouldn’t want to get on his wrong side.

So Mr. Doherty would be here in a few minutes, I thought and my tummy got more queasy. I sipped more of the cool water, hoping to calm myself but doubt it would work.

I had to compose myself. A man like Doherty wouldn’t have the patience for nervous little hoes who acted like scared Virgins which they most certainly were not.

Maybe I should order for some alcoholic drink to steady my nerves but knew that would be a bad first impression. What if Doherty mistook me for an alcoholic?

No, I would do this without alcohol. I was sort of on probation, the madam had said.

“If Mr. Doherty enjoys your performance tonight, then you will become his exclusive.” Had been her exact words.

I couldn’t Bleep this up because of some stupid nerves. I had to pull myself and act like the classy exclusive bitches at the agency. I had to act like Gene.

Opening my handbag, I brought out my makeup pouch. I knew I probably should do this in the restroom but as the restaurant was empty, I didn’t think there was a problem.

Why was it even empty? The time was six thirty pm and starting to get dark. One would think it was the prime time for business, or…..

I stopped midway through reapplying powder on my face.

Could he have booked the whole place just for us? Just because of dinner with me? It sounded insane but it was probably what he’d done because I couldn’t understand why I was the only person in this classy five star restaurant.

I noticed suddenly the front door open and in came Doherty himself flanked by three impressively built men in dark suits and glasses. Seemed he kept quite a lot of bouncers on his payroll.

“Dammit.” I cursed stuffing the compact back into the make up bag.

To Be Continued…

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