-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 8

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

“hello, please, who am I on to?”
“it’s me, Taiwo” she replied. (It was another lovely voice from a lady)
“did you mean Taiye Taiwo, the Nigerian player?” I asked jokingly
“no o o o!” she replied stressing “o” and giggled.
“Then, which Taiwo?” I asked with seriousness.
“From the bank you are banking with”, she said in a silky tone.
Me: oh yah! How did you get my number?
Taiwo: from your form now, or you have forgotten that I was the one who entered your details into the system?
Me: hmmm! What a clever game! No wonder they employed you.
Taiwo: stop teasing joor.
Me: I am not o, but only saying the fact.
Taiwo: ok o. Thanks anyway.
Me: so, you were the one who sent me the card?
Taiwo: don’t mind me jare. I did when I discovered you were out of airtime. It’s just a token and I hope you have accepted it the way it was?
Me: I can’t just belief this! So, your type still exists on earth? Thanks so much. You are highly appreciated.
Taiwo: the pleasure is mine.
Me: I guess you have information to pass across to me.
Taiwo: not really, but just to apologize for what our organization made you pass through. I decided to do this on their behalf.
Me: baby, you are so kind! Are you truly a human being? Because, I’ve not come across someone like you. Everything about you is just perfect.
Taiwo: hmmmm! Really!
Me: I mean it baby. Sequel to what you apologized for, it was nothing, but only a challenge which has added to my boldness and rigidity.
Taiwo: I could notice that while reacting in our office. I so much cherished and saluted your courage and boldness. I was really impressed. In fact, you are such a man!

Me: are you trying to kid me?
Taiwo: I’m seriously not kidding you o. I mean it. Keep it up.
Me: thanks so much for the compliment.
Taiwo: hope you have granted the apology?
Me: even, more than granted.
Taiwo: how will I be sure you have granted it?
Me: I swear to God, I have granted it.
Taiwo: ok o. But if I invite you to my place, would you honour my invitation?
Me: that will be awesome! I will definitely do.
Taiwo: you mean it!
Me: of course, yes.
Taiwo: I’m now inviting you to my haven on Sunday.
Me: that’s serious! I thought you were joking.
Taiwo: joking ke? I’m not o.
Me: by what time then?
Taiwo: I want you to choose any convenient time of your own since am going nowhere on that day.
Me: let’s make it 4:00pm then.
Taiwo: that’s too far now. I will be bored at home. Could you make it 12noon at least?
Me: no problem. I will give it a trial.
Taiwo: thanks so much dear.
Me: the pleasure is mine. Let me have the address.
Taiwo: don’t worry, I’ll send you the address via text message.
Me: alright.
Taiwo: thanks so much for making my night a colourful one.
Me: the pleasure is mine. Take care of you and do have a splendid night rest.
Taiwo: and you too.
Me: yeap. Good night. ( I hung up the call)

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