-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 53

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

“Hello Afeez” he said.
“Yes sir”, I replied.
“I’m very happy for you because she has promised to take the responsibility.Though, you all have to be blamed for the dirty game you have played but yet, you have to take the larger percentage of the blame due to your lack of self control. I believe this is how God has planned it and nothing could be done to dispose it. Therefore, we will be expecting you tomorrow for proper resolution of the issue”, he confessed.
“Thank you a lot sir. I really appreciate your kindness and generousity. May the Almighty Allah in his infinite mercy be with you and your family sir. I have learnt my lesson in a hard way and therefore, I promise not to disappoint you. Thanks once again sir”, I replied with greatful heart.
“It’s a great pleasure for hearing such from you. We will be expecting you tomorrow”, he said calmly.
“Alright sir”, I replied and he then hung up the call.
My mind was filled with joy for the good news and I spread the gospel to my people who have been standing beside me through the hard time and they were all excited to hear.
I couldn’t sleep well just because I didn’t know how I was feeling. I felt like hearing from her but her number didn’t go through…
Suddenly, I heard my phone ringing and it happened to be an unknown number which I was not scared to pick it up…
“Hello Afeez”, she said and since her voice is unique to me, her name escaped from my mouth, “Zainab” while she giggled and then asked, “how did you know it’s me?”

“Your voice is unique to me, even if I hear it while sleeping I will know it’s you” I replied
“You and your sugar coated month. Thanks for that anyway. While are you not sleeping by now?” she asked inquisitively.
“I don’t just know jawe”, I intoned soberly which sent her a signal and that was when I confirmed that ladies are feable minded most especially when they are in love…
“I guess you are thinking over my reaction to you yesterday. I’m very sorry, I reacted in such manner out of anger because I was seriously hurt with what both of you did to me, but I later blamed myself for my mistake. I’ve forgiven you and ready to forget about the past and I hope you will do the same”, she confessed.
“Forgiveness is divine. Thanks a lot for everything. I’ve forgiven you as well and I vow to be trustworthy to you”, I replied soberly.
“Good to hear this from you”, she said.
“Zainab, I have a question for you and will appreciate it if you could open up to me”, I intoned gently.
“I promise to provide the right answer to what you wanted to ask me”, she replied courageously.
“Thanks for that. I got a call through your number some years before now when I was told that you were involved in a car accident and I later heard that you were flied out of country for treatment. How true was that?” I asked.
She sighed and later spoke…
“I’m very sorry to have done that to you. It wasn’t true. It was a planned work with the doctor that called you that very day. And the reason behind that was that a fortune teller told me to avoid you and leave this country if possible for like a year so as to avoid an untimely death and since prevention is better than cure, then I decided to subscribe to his warnings. I know I’ve gone wrong in some ways. Just forgive and forget for the sake of God and love”, she confessed soberly.
I was short of words for some seconds before I later spoke out, “I’ve forgiven you”, I said gently.
“Thanks so much dear. Love you so much”, she replied joyfully.
“Love you too”, I replied and she hung up the call…
My mind was at rest after the call and later slept off.
I took my bath very early in the next morning and prepared myself just because I was eager to see her. We later got there with my family and the case was settled.
Zainab’s father and his family handed Zainab to me when Sophiat came around which made my heart vibrated. She went on her knees in the presence of everyone and asked for forgiveness from both
Zainab and I for serving as obstacles which later resulted into Taiwo’s death.
Though, it pained but one just have to forgive and forget which we both did.
We appreciated everyone and left the place together with Zainab and she was trained by my sister how to take care of the babies and also became an expert.
After my NYSC, Zainab’s father fulfilled his promise by making me the managing director of one of his companies.
Zainab became a good mother by taking good care of the twins and she later had her own bouncing baby boy when the twins were two years of age and the all world graced the occasion and we live happily….


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