-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 52

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

We thanked them and left the place with peace of mind.
A month after, I was in the office when I heard my phone ringing and when I looked at the screen it happened to be the chief which made me pick up without hesitation…
“Hello sir” I said happily.
Chief: How are you Mr.Afeez
Me: I’m fine sir. How about you sir?
Chief: I’m very much okay as well. Thanks for the other day. Hope you are not annoyed at me for just calling you since I’ve promised?
Me: Not at all sir.
Chief: I’m very sorry for that, it was just because I’ve been busy. So, where are you?
Me: I’m in the office in River State where I’m serving.
Chief: That’s good of you. So, you are still a corp member?
Me: Yes sir.
Chief: That’s good of you! Hope you will not mind to be managing one of my companies when you are done with your service?
Me: (happy) I will highly appreciate it sir.
Chief: Good to hear that from you. When are we meeting in order to talk better?
Me: I will feed you back on that sir.
Chief: Alright dear, I would like to hear from you soonest. He said and hung up the call.
I was very happy to hear the good news from him and fed him back that I would be paying him the visit at the weekend, Saturday to be specific.
Though, I’ve once thought he should be the one while receiving his call but I later confirmed it when he described where he resides. It was same place where Zainab’s father resides.
It was just like a dream when I got home on Friday and daddy Ope told me that he just got a call from Zainab’s father who told him that we should show up on Sunday of which I have promised him to be in his house on Saturday…

When it was Saturday, around 10:45am, I received a call from Zainab’s father…
“Hello Mr. Afeez, how was your night?” he asked.
“I’m fine sir”, I replied.
“When will you be around because my daughter is eager and intrested in knowing you”, he asked inquisitively.
“I’m on my way already sir”, I replied.
“That’s good! Journey mercy”, he said while I replied with, “thank you sir” before he hung up the call.
“Zainab is now around”, I said to myself. Then, I started experiencing mixed feeling of happiness and sadness and later got to my destination.
Zainab’s father was shocked when he saw me, he looked at me with wonder…
“Why are you here today? You are to appear tomorrow, not today”, he intoned in shock.
“I’m the Afeez you called some minutes ago sir”, I replied.
“You!” he said pointing at me, “no, no, no, its not possible”, he said while shaking his head left and right in disagreement and quickly dialled a number which rang in my pocket. He dropped the call and redialled the number and the same thing repeated itself. This made him got shocked and confused, “so, you were the one who saved my life?” He asked out of shock and I nodded my head in affirmation which made him dissolved into tears and embraced me.
We were on this drama when Zainab came out of a room and was shocked as well to see me. She didn’t know what to do neither did I know…
“Daddy, is this the Afeez you said he helped you?” she asked curiously.
“Yes dear”, he replied with his eyes saturated with tears.
“Ooh no! I don’t think it is possible! It shouldn’t be this wicked guy who has betrayed my love. Oh my God!” she confessed bitterly and busted into tears.
I felt sad and guilty of my action with Taiwo. I made an attempt of petting her but she shouted at me, “if you dare touch me! You, the betrayal”, she said out of anger, then she stood up and worked out on me which weakened me and made me looked helpless. I busted into tears which made Zainab’s father spoke out…
“Be calm my son, you will have to go and come back tomorrow as speculated before, while I help you speak to her”, he said and hugged me before I left the house.
It was really a big blow on my face. Though, I didn’t expect least from her, but I never thought she could go up to that length. After all, she was the architect of the whole issue.
I checked on Demola and updated him about the new development before I left for Osogbo and I also informed my sister and her husband about the scenario which got them shocked.
Though, the incidence was paradoxical, but they bought all what I told them and also gave hope to me by saying “the case has been settled since her father has promised to speak with her”.
In the evening of that very day, I got a call from Zainab’s father…

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