-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 50

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

I was surprised to hear from him and at the same time happy to be the one whom God used to save his life. I quickly stored his number with “Chief” and later slept off.
I was expecting him to call me the second day
but I didn’t see his call. Then, I decided to follow the adages that says “if mountain refuses to go to
Muhammed, Muhammed should go to mountain” which made me put call to him but which he refused to pick up. On Tuesday of that very week, I got a call from Demola…
“Hello Ore, you know what?” he curiously asked.
“I don’t know jawe, just yan me wetin happen ni jawe”, I replied anxiously.
“I pray gobe shouldn’t happen nio, because
Zainab’s father is now around and fainted when he heard about Taiwo’s death. He is now in my father’s clinic and he hasn’t recovered from the shock. Though, my dad should be able to know how to handle his case, but you still have to be very prayerful”, he broke the intimidating news.
“Thanks for the information sir”, I replied out of tension while my heart started pounding heavily and I didn’t know the next line of action to seek redress.
Then, I decided to inform my sister’s husband who told me to keep calm, saying in as much the man lives and Zainab is also alive, there will be solution. He also asked me to join him at home on Saturday.
Sequel to the issue, I requested for permission from my boss to spare me the whole of the coming week which he granted without any stress.
I got home lately on Friday and branched at my sister’s house, but her husband was not yet around.
I really pity my sister for the trouble I put her
into. Her beauty has faded and she has lost

weight due to the stress of the babies. I even wondered how she managed to cope.
Daddy Ope came around on Saturday and he told
me to prepare myself that we were going to Ede on Sunday to sort things out. I put call to Demola to get him informed and he also told me that his
father is working on the issue by telling Zainab’s father not to get mad at anybody due to his health status irrespective of what could have happened or what is happening ******
Coincidentally, my sister’s husband got a call from an uncle to Zainab’s father asking us to show up on Sunday which was our target day.
It was Sunday morning, we prepared ourselves
and called Demola to get set for the challenge ahead of us. That time around, my sister and her small boy Ope went with us likewise the twins.
On getting there, we met his uncles on seat and he was called upon to join us…
As he was coming down gently through the stairs case i kept on staring at him wondering if he was the one or not. “Could this be true? I don’t think Its possible!” I kept on debating in my mind till when he finally be on a seat.
We exchanged pleasantries while he was staring at my sister but he didn’t utter a word. Then, my
sister’s husband stood up and asked me to
prostrate while Demola also joined me… Zainab’s father (Cut in) “please o, I’m confused. Is this not Demola, my doctor’s son?” he asked anxiously.
“Yes sir, it’s me”, Demola replied and put on a smile.
“What do you have for us?” Zainab’s father
“It will be presented to you by daddy sir”, he replied gently while my sister’s husband started the presentation…
Daddy Ope: I’m Mr.Abdulwasi, an uncle to Abdulafeez whom your daughter, Taiwo, (may her soul rest in perfect peace and may God take care of her children) delivered the twins to. May the
God Almighty in his infinite mercy give us fortitude to bear the loss. We are really sorry for taking you to such bitter experience and all we have caused your family. Please, forgive us. We glorify God and give all adoration to him for sparing your life for us despite all the challenges you have gone through. We are very sorry once again. The issue on ground is seriously tough and
tedious for me to table, but I still have to say it
and please, I will really appreciate if you could
accept it which ever way I presented it…
In that course, a man from Zainab’s family took over from him…
First uncle: Have your sit sir (he told my sister’s husband) Thanks alot. We have told our brother
eighty percent of what you came here for and
everything has been settled, it’s only that he needs to know the deceased’s husband and how you will be taking care of her children because we are now in-laws and we need to take care of the twins together. Where is baba ibeji? He asked and that was when I stood up for recognition…
“Are you the husband”, Zainab’s father asked
anxiously while looking at my face and that of my sister interchangeably…

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