-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 44

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

I couldn’t just believe she was truly pregnant. I wondered why her pregnancy was crystal clear even visible for the blinds to see. She was also shocked and flabbergasted to see me. She was confused and didn’t know whether to embrace me or run away. She just stood motionless with her mouth wide opened. I moved closer to her and hugged her tightly while she embraced me too and tears started rolling down her cheeks. I fought back the tears and we sat down. She stood again “just a moment please” she said and later came back with a bluish bottle of wine with a glass in a tray and put it on a stool in front of me… “Thanks for that, but I will to be able to take anything. I only came here to check on you and know about your welfare” I said in a weak tone.
“Thanks for that, but why are you taking nothing? Are you still not happy with me?” she replied like a beggar looking for Samaritan.
“I must be frank with you, I am not happy with what is going on and my conscience has not been allowing me to sleep.
Assuming Zainab came around now, what are we gonna say? What do you think she would say? I want you yourself to think about it and put yourself in her shoes. If you were to be Zainab, what would you do?” I confessed and inquired.
She sighed; her head was bent down and buried it in her right volar while her left hand was placed on her left thigh. She stood up after some minutes and started wandering in the room while soliloquizing…
“If I had known that this is what will happen, I wouldn’t have engaged myself in such dirty game in the first instance. It’s a big slap on my face but I don’t have any other alternative than to accept it the way it has happened since I can’t abort. I’ve once made an attempt of aborting it, but I was told in the hospital that I was just fortunate to conceive because there is fibroid in my womb and my chance of getting another one if I abort this is zero. I’m not happy about this too. In fact, I felt like joining my family because I’m tired of my life. I’m ashamed of my stupidity. Afeez, what do you think is the way out?” she confessed sadly and busted into tears.
I was short of words. What a dilemma! I stood up after some minutes and petted her to take heart…
“You mistakenly cut your fingers with knife and then threw away the knife, what has happened has happened. We were all at fault and guilty of our acts and there is nothing we can do than to accept our faith and learn from our mistakes. Take heart dear, everything is gonna be okay. I’m very much ready not to let you down, to be responsible for the pregnancy, to stand beside you and also ready to bear whatever risk that comes out of this even when Zainab comes around”, I said calmly while she hugged me so tight…

“love you so much”, she appreciated with tears tricking down her cheeks. We both accepted our destiny and decided to move on till when we hear from Zainab…

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