-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 42

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

She picked it up and started crying immediately which got me scared…
Me: What is the issue? How far about her health? I waited for her for some seconds to say something but she didn’t utter a word, she was only weeping instead which got me annoyed.
Me: talk now! (I yelled).
I dropped the call with anger when I couldn’t hear anything from her than crying. I got confused more because I couldn’t reason and understand Taiwo’s reaction.
“Is it that Zainab is dead or why was she crying? No, she must not die! Never! She is too young to die. God, where is your face? Why am I passing through all this? Come to my aid” I cried bitterly and I was petted by my sister. We were expected to resume back to school that very week but due to the situation on ground, I couldn’t and all my efforts to get in touch with Zainab were futile.
After some days, Taiwo called and told me that she had been flied out of country…
Me: How can I get her father’s number?
Taiwo: He is out of the country as well, so you can’t reach him for now except if he calls you. Me: I know you will not give the number to me and that is unfair, but Taiwo, what has she done for you to deserve that? The ingrate you claimed you didn’t wanna be then, is now what you have turned to. Are you trying to punish me through her or what? Because, I don’t understand.
Taiwo: (crying) my threat was just an empty one now. Can’t you just trust me that I couldn’t do such? You are my family and you are the ones keeping me alive, so how would you think killing or wounding you guys would be the best for me? What would I gain from that? It was just a coincidence and that my utterances were out of anger. Please and please, stop alleging me of what I know nothing about.

Me: (I sighed) I am not convinced with your actions and words. Don’t worry, God shall expose and punish whoever is behind this issue. I said and dropped the call.
I tried to motivate myself and move on. I went back to school after two weeks and my school fees was sent to me by my sister a week after. Though, it was difficult for me to put away her feelings, but life must continue. I managed to write my industrial training report and also forced myself to read because I must not have any delay. I tried her number every successful day but never gone through, but I never for once tried that of Taiwo because her action has made me created phobia for her…

After three months, my first semester exam was around the corner and I’ve started preparing to put in my best so as to come out with better result, I got a reggae call from Taiwo which spoilt my blues…

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