-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 41

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

I picked up without hesitation…
“hello, is this Afeez on the line please?”
“yes, I am Afeez. Who’s this please?” I replied in an effort to know the voice, when he spoke out again.
“This is Dr. Bello from State hospital Ede, Osun State. The owner of this number got involved in a fatal car accident and she has been brought here, so your urgent attention is needed”, he muttered and hung up the call. His last word hit me hard! I was shocked and almost collapsed at what he just disclosed.
My mood was destabilized and I didn’t know the next line of action to take…
“Could it be that Taiwo has started her evil work? How do I get her Dad informed? Should I go to the hospital now or I should find a way of getting her informed first?” those were the questions begging for answers in my mind. I summoned courage and put call to Taiwo, but she refused to pick up and that was when I decided to go to the hospital myself. I didn’t bother to take my bath; I just took a cloth from the wardrobe and rushed out without letting my sister know anything about it. I was about to enter the hospital when an ambulance with active siren speeded out from the hospital through the entrance. I quickly rushed into the hospital and called the number. I was almost slumped when the doctor told me that “her case was critical because she sustained severe head injury and therefore, she has been transferred to another hospital” I stood at akimbo for some minutes while my cloth became wet with sweat immediately. The doctor made it known to me that her dad has been involved and he was even trying to fly her out of the country. “What a sad and pathetic situation! Isn’t it that my last nightmare has started coming to reality? Why are these happening? Urgent action has to be taking”, I soliloquized and then, I left the hospital and went home moody. I explained the ugly situation to my sister which she also pity and sympathized with me. When it was around 7:00pm that very day, I got a called from Taiwo…

Taiwo: Hello, I missed your calls in the afternoon.

Me: yeah. Did you hear from Zainab?

Taiwo: Not at all, though she promised to come back today and I’ve even tried her number this evening but didn’t go through.

Me: And you didn’t call daddy to ask about her?

Zainab: This is not her first time of doing such, so calling dad is immaterial.

Me: So, you didn’t hear that Zainab was involved in an accident? Is that where and how you wanna start your plan you threatened me about? So, killing her is the solution to the matter?

Taiwo: (cut in) I beg your pardon! What do you mean? Stop alleging me of what I know nothing about please. And besides, which Zainab were you referring to?

Me: How many Zainab do you know?

Taiwo: How possible is that? Zainab? Accident? Never. Please, am gonna call you back.
She hung up the call while I was wallowing in an emotional pain. I expected her to call back but didn’t see her brake light throughout the night. I lost appetite and my night was odd. The following day, I decided to call Taiwo in other to ask about Zainab’s health status…

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