-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 40

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

On hearing that, we quickly clad ourselves and started running helter skaters in a confused manner. I quickly rushed back to the sitting room and sat down with my one leg crossed over the other pretending as if I’ve been waiting for her arrival while Taiwo quickly rushed out to the gate. She hissed when she came back. “What was the issue? Where is she?” I questioned.
“Don’t mind that yeye man that just used his own reggae to spoil my blues. He wanna lend something ni jawe. ! Mtchew”, she said angrily with her eyes coloured.
“Thank God it was not her”, I said when she replied immediately “if it was Zainab nko? What will happen? Will heaven fall? Of course No! So, forget about that and let’s enjoy ourselves before her arrival”. I was shocked to hear such from her again since she was the one who suggested the solution. I was just looking at her with my mouth wide opened. Then, she moved closer to me and started caressing me which got me lost again. My J0yst!ck started gaining strength and when she was on her action, my phone started ringing beside me, Zainab calling, she quickly took my phone and off it. The action got me annoyed which made me yelled at her, “what’s all this rubbish?” I questioned angrily and she was shocked and scared when she saw my eyes turned red. I pushed her away, picked my phone and left the house…
When I got back to my house, I tried to put call to Zainab but her number didn’t go through, it was switched off. I dropped my phone on the bed and I started packing what to take to school into my bag. Then, I heard my phone ringing, Taiwo calling, I neglected all her calls while she later sent me a text message which I read thus; “it pains a lot when you see someone you love loving someone else and maltreats you because of that person. It creates wound in someone’s heart which could devastate her life. What you have done today has shown me who you are and I promised you won’t go scot free. You gonna pay for your action. Just try to mark my words”

I was shocked to receive such message from her. What did she mean? Was she trying to threaten me or what? Good to have this message on ma phone as an evidence. It’s high time I leaked the secret between us to Zainab” I said to myself. Then, I re-dialed Zainab’s number but still off. My system changed and couldn’t concentrate on anything. I was thinking whether to call Taiwo and reply her, but I controlled my anger and buried it. I completed the day in moody status. The following day, around 12:00 noon, I received a call from someone through Zainab’s number which got me scared…

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