-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 39

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

“Won’t you come over and assist me, Afeez?” she said peeping through the elaborate shelf placed between the living room and the dining room. I was shocked to hear such from her. She was asking for my help for the first time. Why was the name called in a pet form? I thought before I answered “Sure, I will” and then joined her in the kitchen washing plates. “Please scratch my back for me” she pleaded.
” I stared at her and she gave an excuse “my hands are soapy”. I knew her hands were soapy but I doubted this was going to be as normal as the world would want it. “Com’on Afeez”, I heard her pleaded again. I just have to be of help, so I came closer and stretched my right hand while standing beside her and began to scratch her back through the fabric of her tank top. She made movements with her back in a bid to bring the appropriate place to my attention of which I tried reacting to accordingly. However this continued longer than I expected and soon she was saying I was not scratching the right place. I had to ask her to say where exactly she wanted me to scratch.
“Towards my hip” was the reply I got. “Hip?” I muttered inaudibly. Thought she said her back earlier? How come we are travelling down now? I felt the stir below and my J0yst!ck began gaining steel strength slightly. As I did so, she asked me to go further down. This means I should literally get hold of the band of her shorts. However, I went further down, purposely lifting her tank top a bit and exposing the skin of her back. “Go down further. It seems it’s travelling down” she had stopped washing but just held one hand with the other while resting her elbows on her knees. I could smell the heightened S#xual tension between us in the air and I swear I smelled her scent. She was wet!! I lost control again and my hand travelled down her butt0ckz globes. We both knew I had stopped scratching centuries ago and was now completely caressing her. But she wanted it taken further down as she feels it travelling. I had no idea what was making the journey.

I gripped her left butt0ckz cheek and gave it a real grab. She was now very turned on! I could easily smell her juices! So musky and intoxicating. The sheer material of her shorts made it almost easy to feel her wetness. I gradually travelled to her crack and freed my second hand to grab the other cheek. I was running crazy. She was just giving out slight m0ans while attempting to grind her hips into my grip. We were both enjoying this and only had one prayer; Zainab. I was now standing directly behind her. I changed tactics and through the legs of her shorts, slide both my hands into the unclothedness of her two globes. She gave a quick gasp and tried raising herself a bit but I held unto her Unclad butt0ckz. They were so bleeping soft and I endlessly played with them. Her juices were running like fresh water from rocks as they met my knuckles which reminded me that she has got a Kitty-Cat too. I gladly directed both my thumbs to them and easily slide them into hers. Oh mine!! She groaned loudly. It felt so slippery in there and I soon got lost in a blur of constant movements in and out the honey pot with both my thumbs. She was almost audibly screaming and at a particular point had to call out my name loudly as I felt her center of gravity while directing them below. It was now too much to bear so I had to counter the s£nsat!on that had made my J0yst!ck swell so much to the point that it hurts. We both had found a rhythm now. I had about three fingers buried in her Kitty-Cat through the legs of her shorts that had travelled unevenly up into her hip while she endlessly ground and crushed her hip against those fingers. I was in turn stroking my J0yst!ck through the material of my shorts and even though I expected her to assist me, but she did not bother to make the plea. She was burning like wild fire. She had almost made it up now and had her left arm crossed over my neck while I gave her support by standing directly behind her. “Oh Afeez” she purred. This drove me further the edge and I quickly released myself from her tangle, dropped low and pulled her shorts towards her thighs. She quickly held unto it half way down her round butt0ckz; she was conscious of Zainab I guess; even though I could still clearly see her puffy Kitty-Cat lips. They were so swollen and dark. I was staring at it when we heard the door bell ringing…

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