-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 38

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

Zainab: I’m gonna miss you a lot.
Me: I’m gonna miss you too.
Zainab: In fact, I feel like going with you if not for some pressing issue I’m attending to. Anyway, I’ll be checking on you in school whenever I feel like seeing you. Therefore, you have to be expecting me at anytime.
Me: That’s lovely. You are always welcome. But wait o, how do we go about your dad’s issue with me?
Zainab: There will be no problem whenever we are ready for the introduction and wedding. Just leave that to me, I’ll handle it perfectly.
Me: Are you sure?
Zainab: Trust me dear.
I was happy and hugged her, “love you so much dear”, I said while she reciprocated it back.
Zainab: So, what are the arrangements you have put in place for the resumption?
Me: Nothing much on ground for now jawe, but I trust God.
Zainab: All is well dear.
Me: Ameen.
We played and had fun together. I heard her phone ringing when it was around 6:45pm and when I checked who was calling, it happened to be Taiwo but I didn’t pick it for her and thereafter, my phone started ringing and it was same Taiwo. Then, I picked it up without hesitation…
“Hello dear, how are you doing?” she asked with caring manner.
“I’m very much ok. How was work?” I replied and asked.
“It was fine o. I’m now at home and feel like seeing someone like you beside me. I have really missed you. Wait o, is Zainab not with you?” she asked curiously.
“She is with me, but currently in the toilet”, I replied.
“O ga o. All is well sha. Just help tell her I am waiting for her at home” she said and hung up the call without any good bye message. I was hit by her last words and reaction. “What has gone over this girl again?” I murmured to myself while Zainab came back.

She can see I was disturbed, because it was written on my face and asked about what has happened which I told her nothing…
“You have gotten a missed call from Taiwo” I said.
“Now, I understand”, she said and picked up her phone trying to put call to Taiwo when I interrupted “what did you mean by your word”, I asked anxiously and by then, she has started chatting with her. I stared at her till when she was through with the call and repeat the question.
“I am very sure that Taiwo has called you, or didn’t she?” she asked curiously.
“Yes, she did” I replied immediately.
“To be sincere, I really don’t know what’s wrong with her; even she has changed to me at home. I know I’m responsible for whatever action she has embarked on to hurt you. I’m very sorry” she confessed and pleaded to me.
“Forget about that dear. It’s just a normal thing and there is nothing new under the sun. It’s only that you will need to take things easy and as well be careful with her”, I replied.
“Thanks a lot sweetie” she appreciated and offered me a peck. She later left for house that very day. When it was on Saturday, I decided to pay her an impromptu visit which I never thought it could bring disaster, but unfortunately, I didn’t meet her but met Taiwo cooking. She attended to me very well. When I asked her about Zainab’s movement…
“She got an urgent call from Dad and promised to be back tomorrow”, she replied. I was worried and tried to put call to her, but her number didn’t go through. After some minutes, I heard my name from Taiwo…

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