-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 37

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

“Did I here you say fada? See you, I’m gonna finish you today”, I replied while moving closer to her.
She giggled and started running away from me while I ran after her. She felt on her bed in the room when I caught up with her and started playing with her. We started from kissing. We twisted, entwined and entangled in action. I slipped in a finger into her [email protected] and gently dipped it into her honey pot, which instantly sent waves of current into her head, because it really had been quite long she felt a “manly touch” in that spot. I brought down my lips and kissed her again, this time more strongly than the old kisses. She closed her eyes, and m0aned softly for me, which really got me excited……
I grasped her two b0s0ms and sq££zed them softly, while her heart, body, and soul opened up for me
“Oooooh it has been quite long I felt a rod slide into me”, she muttered to herself, as I allowed her caressing me. Her touches and caresses that time around were so special. I thrust in again and again, while she dug her fingers on my chest as I endured the pain silently, because she noticed I was enjoying it and so in order to make me happy, she let me have my way. I was so gentle that night as I expertly opened and penetrated deep inside her honey pot with my J0yst!ck and the smile on her face said it all as I moved my waist to and fro. She groaned softly which inspired me more. I tenderly kissed her, as I fondled and caressed her innocent looking b0s0ms and I knew not how I felt that moment, because it was a mixture of pain and pleasure. I slowly increased the tempo of my thrust, which also left me gasping for breath as my J0yst!ck penetrated and opened her kitty more and more which made her m0aned loudly, “Please stop it’s okay” she finally pleaded as she strongly held me, while I gazed into her eyes and jerked as if something had pushed me from behind, before lying on top of her.

She closed her eyes as we both breathed deeply and gently. We both stood up after some minutes and went to bathroom to have our bath. We wined and dined together before we zoomed off to my house. I introduced her to my sister and she did well to her. We discussed and caught fun. In fact, it was really a day.
She got a call from Taiwo when it was around 7:05pm which made her left for that day.
The following day which was Tuesday, she came to my house where we planned about our future…
“I will be leaving for school next week God’s willing”, I said.
She stared and looked into my eyes with passion…

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