-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 35

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

She called me around 6:00pm on that very day telling me she was around and eager to see me…
Zainab: I’m now in Oshogbo o. In fact, I can’t wait to see you.
Me: Good to hear this. How was your journey? Hope it wasn’t stressful sha?
Zainab: It was o, but thenk God sha. How do I get to you joor?
Me: My side is difficult to locate. Perhaps you tell me where you stay so that I can join you and we can as well come back to my side together if time permits.
Zainab: Alright dear, that would be the best. I’m gonna text you the address when I hang up the call now.
Me: Alright.
Zainab: Love you so much.
Me: Love you too.
She dropped the call and sent me the address via text message. When I checked the address, it happened to be same address as that of Taiwo.
“Oops! How do I go about this? Taiwo and Zainab in a house! How do I react when I get there? What could be Taiwo’s reaction when I got there? What of if Taiwo has betrayed me by leaking the secret to Zainab? Or these ladies are trying to play me?”
Those were the questions running through my mind with no response. I felt remorse for my action with Taiwo.
After some minutes, I cheered up and prepared for the worst. Though, I had taken my bath in the morning, but I still went to bathroom to shower and dressed up for her house. I told my sister that Zainab was around and possibly, we might come back together so that it wouldn’t meet her unprepared and I zoomed off to her house.
When I got there, I stood opposite the yellow bungalow house doing nothing but contemplating whether to go in or not. I stared at the window hoping to catch a glimpse of what was going on inside but saw nothing.

Although my instinct urged me to turn back while thinking about the questions that were begging for the answers which I have asked myself, but yet, I belled the cat. I punched the door bell with a finger and it rang melodiously when it felt my touch. I waited for a reply but I didn’t hear one until the second time when a feminine voice spoke from the inside.
A few minutes later, when the door was opened, I was stunned by the sight I behold, the figure standing before me was that beautiful damsel with an extravagance attire. Her charming smile was so sumptuous. The surprise on her face was enormous when she saw me; she jumped squarely on me with her lips finding mine…
“I missed you so much baby” She intoned, stealing more kisses.
“I missed u more”, I replied apathetically sequel to the wound she has created in my heart through the test she conducted for me which I failed.
We looked at each other in a special way; in fact, I didn’t know how to describe her beauty. She dragged me in while my heart was pounding heavily.
I sat down and put on a fake smile while she was trying to get me what to entertain me…
“Zainab”, I called.
“Yes dear”, she replied.
“Come over, we need to talk”, I said.
“Alright dear”, she replied and came around.
I commanded her to sit down which she did immediately with joy. She started staring at me with passion.
“Please, what is going on here? Because I’m confused” I asked.
She smiled…
“What are you confused o?” she replied comfortably.
“I have once been to this house when I was invited by a friend I told you last time, but which I ran away when she was trying to s£duce me”, I said.
“Hmmmm! It was true. I thought you would fall into my trap, but fortunately for you, you passed the exam”, she said joyfully.
What! What were you insinuating? Why must you test me through her? Assuming I was a womanizer, what do you think would have happened? So, you could still doubt my feelings for you? Oh my God! I said accusingly and burst into tears.
She quickly stood up from her sit and started begging me while she was on her knees…
“I’m sorry dear, we were joking with it before it turned to real, and again, I did that just because I have my trust in you and can boast of it anywhere. I know I made mistake, but please, forgive and forget about it”, she said regrettably while weeping bitterly.
I hugged her tightly and from there, we started kissing…

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