-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 34

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

After some minutes of deep silence, I summoned courage and spoke out…
“Taiwo, sit down”, I commanded her and she sat reluctantly. I sighed before I started talking again
“In fact, I really appreciate and commend your effort for taking your time to shed light on this issue and at the same time share from your feelings and sympathize on that of your family. This issue is a serious task for me to handle all alone. We both have to deliberate and decide on it. To be sincere, I have created feelings for you, but sequel to the explanation you gave which I also reason along with, it will be very bad of you to do such to her and her family. In fact, it doesn’t speak well, but how do we go about that?” I stylishly put the question to her.
“Though, I still love you, but we just have to cut the love to save both of us. We have to let bygones be bygones and leak the secret not to her. That’s my own suggestion”, she said while tears started rolling down her cheeks again. I drew her closer towards me and hugged her tightly while I was trying to fight back the tears rolling down my cheeks as well.
We left each other and stared at each other for a moment. I felt sorry for her which increased my feelings for her. I closed my eyes, sat back and tilted my head to the back when I felt a warm kiss on my lips. I responded immediately and our lips started fighting the war of supremacy again. Suddenly, I resisted and withdrew myself, “Taiwo, I have to leave. Remember, we have to stop this!” I said and stood up. She looked at me with passion and kept mute. I knew she wanted to say something but she has to keep mute.

“Get me the wrist watch. It’s high time I left because it is already dark”, I said when she went in sluggishly and came back with the watch. She saw me off out of the house and waited with me till when I got a bike to my area. Her eyes followed me till she lost sight of me while waving to me as if we are not going to meet again.
She called me when I got home to ask about my movement. In fact, she was really loving and caring.
“Zainab was really the architect of this problem. Why must she test monkey with banana? She has to be blamed for whatsoever that comes out of this”, I taught to myself
I had a sleepless night that very night as I was just pounding on what could be the end result of our game.
My sister asked about the latest development but I refused to reveal what has happened to her because I knew she would discourage me more. I received calls from both of them from that day till Sunday when Zainab finally came around…

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