-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 33

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

It took me like ten minutes to get to her house. We exchanged pleasantries and offered me a sit which I did without hesitation. We sat facing each other. She felt uncozy on her seat looking moody.
“Sometimes, there exist something to discuss, but there will be no time. Thank God that we have what to discuss, and we have gotten the chance of discussing it”, she said and continued, “I have to tell you this, so as to set my conscience free, and at the same time to open your eyes because you are in darkness. You must have been wondering why I got hooked to you despite the fact that I didn’t know much about you. I want you to erase the thought now because I know much about you. I want us to resolve this issue before Zainab’s arrival which is the end of this month (this coming Sunday)”
I was shocked when I heard this and couldn’t utter a word. I wished to say something, but words just didn’t come out.
She continued, “I don’t want to be an ingrate and I don’t want to bite the finger that feeds me”, she stood up and started wandering in the room while she continued talking, ” Zainab and I were childhood friends and even family friends because her dad and my dad were business partner. Some years back, we were in the sitting room when hoodlums visited our house. They killed my parents, raped me which made me lost my virginity and also lost my twin sister (Kehinde) just because he proved manly to them”, she kept sweating and tears were rolling down her cheeks while my mouth was widely opened and my lips were relaxed.
She continued, “Zainab’s father was the one who came to my aid, financed my studies by sending me out of the country and Zainab later joined me after she aborted for you. She explained everything that transpired between both of you to me and how much she loves you because you are trustworthy. She showed me the pictures you took together when you were in polytechnic. I have phobia for guys as a result of my experience too, but owning to the way you were being presented to me by Zainab, the phobia disappeared and I started having interest in you. Zainab’s father was the one who got me the job in the bank. The first day I saw you in the bank, I was shocked because I never thought we could meet. Though, I was not so sure very well that it was you, but I informed Zainab that I saw you. And I told her that you looked charming and that you must be a womanizer. She asked me to s£duce you to confirm if you are still trustworthy and still in need of her so that she would prepare for wedding with you. If you could remember vividly that she called you the following day you came to the bank, I was the one who gave out your number to her and she was the one who asked me to send that one thousand naira to you. I was the one who told her to shift her coming day to end of the month that I will need little time to carry out her assignment. I didn’t disclose to her that something has happened between us instead I told her that you still remain the man she knows.

Now, the ball is in your court to play. What is the way out?” she confessed bitterly with her top soaked with sweat coupled with tears.
I took a deep breath. I felt sad and sober. I was short of words and didn’t know what to say….

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