-Dirty Game

Read Story: Dirty Game… Part 32

A story written by Adebiyi Demola (08038195562)

I shouted, “no o o o” when I felt down from the chair and my sister rushed out from her room, “Afeez! Afeez! What happened? What’s the problem?” she asked out of worried while I was [email protected] heavily like someone who just completed a marathon race. I wiped my face to be assured that it was a dream and yes it was.
“Haaa! It was a nightmare (still [email protected])”, I replied her.
She placed her left hand on her chest while the right one was wrapped across my neck and relaxed by tilting her head towards my left shoulder, “take care dear”, she said with care. And gradually, I came back to my sense. Then my sister went back to her room. It was still rain raining, I looked at the wall clock and it was around 10:55pm. I stood up and observed my prayer before I went to bed. I got over my troubled mind when the rain stopped finally and slept off after some minutes.
I woke up late the following day which way Monday. I observed my prayer and prepared for work after some minutes. I didn’t rush because the day happened to be my send-off. I got to my place of work to see the office decorated. I was surprised thinking there was a program on that day, until when my Bosses started singing the farewell songs for me. They started this when my phone started ringing. I looked at it and when I discovered that it was Zainab, I quickly switched it off so that she wouldn’t use her reggae to spoil my blues. I was commended and complimented with gifts for my hardworking, commitment to work and loyalty. We took pictures together and my logbook was signed and stamped for me. In fact, it was really colourful.
I left the office happily and returned home.
I was a bit tired because of the fun I had at the office, so I decided to rest. I woke up around 5:52pm and decided to switch on my phone, then a message entered from Zainab and I read, “the moments of loneliness without you were like enslaving me in love, these are the time I came to realize how precious you are to my joy. I miss you so much that I didn’t hear from you. You mean a lot to me, in fact, you are a rare gem. Let my trust continue to be in you. Love you to the bone. Beep me whenever you are available”.

I was emotionally touched with her message. “Definitely, Zainab is still very much interested in me, but how do I go about Taiwo’s issue?” I soliloquized. Then, I put a call to her, but her number was not reachable.
When it was around 7:45pm that very day, I got a call from Taiwo…
Taiwo: Hello, how are you?
Me: I’m fine, and you?
Taiwo: I’m doing well too. So, how was the logbook? Has it been signed for you?
Me: Yeah. In fact, they really made it a colourful day for me. I was presented gifts, we danced and took pictures together, all sort of things sha.
Taiwo: Hmmmm! That’s lovely o. That means I missed a lot niyen o.
Me: Not that much joor.
Taiwo: ok o. (moody) Afeez, I must confess to you that I am seriously in love with you and can’t afford to lose you, but… (Stopped)
Me: But what?
Taiwo: Don’t worry. When we see, everything is gonna settle.
Me: But why now? Can’t you just tell me something?
Taiwo: I’m gonna uncover it, not something, but everything because my conscience is even disturbing me.
I was lost with what she just said.
Me: I can’t get you; can you please shed light on what you just said now?
Taiwo: later o o o. Goodnight. (She hung up).
I started wallowing in confusion and couldn’t just think straight but soliloquizing.
I got a call from her (Taiwo) on Wednesday around 6:00pm telling me that she was free and I should join her if I could make it. I left home without hesitation and got a bike to her house…

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